Review: Foundation Brush (Born Pretty Store)

Hey Beauties!

Another product that I got from Born Pretty Store is this makeup brush, which I call it foundation brush. It seems most appropriate. Ever since I discovered makeup sponges I'm not big on foundation brushes anymore, but I wanted to try this one, because it's thick and short - my favorite type for applying foundation.

This brush has black plastic handle and silver details. Hair is black with white tips, so you see how much product you have on. It's actually well made.

This brush is in style 3 and it costs 2.99$ and you can buy it here. You have four shapes to choose from. I love flat and short foundation brushes, so I went for #3.

The hair is synthetic, short and dense. I like the fact that it's almost flat, but rounded at the edges. It's a nice size and density for applying foundations. I've tried it with lighter foundations and heavier. It works best with more liquid thinner ones. I like doing the tapping motion as I would do with makeup brush and every once in a while I apply it with circular motions to buff it in. Tapping method is perfect, although circular movement can sometimes leave you with stripes as with other foundation brushes, which I don't like. 

The hair is pretty soft, but not the softest ever. I've had some scratchy foundation brushes, but this one isn't, although it all depends on the pressure you put on it. 

It's also easy to clean with soap and water, but takes a bit longer to dry, as with other synthetic hair.

Not a bad brush. Definitely one of the better ones among cheaper selection, although it's not one I would rave about. So just average. If you need something similar try it. I mostly like it because of the shape and short hair. 

You can get 10% of your next Born Pretty Store order, if you use code PETRAH10. Look out for their Black Friday offers, they'll have some good deals.


  1. Tudi sama zelo rada preizkušam poceni čopiče vendar jih kupujem predvsem na eBayu :D ravno pred kratkim sem naročila enega in komaj čakam da pride :D

    1. Sploh za pudre je včasih fajn sprobat kaj poceni, da veš kaj ti je všeč po obliki in trdoti :).