Review: Rexaline Hydra-EyeZone Hyper-Hydrating Rejuvenating Eye Contour

Hey Beauties!

The same company that sent me The Balm products to try out also offered me to try one of Rexaline products. I just recently saw that this brand is also available in Müller, so this review might be helpful to Slovenian readers as well. Because I am in desperate need of a good hydrating eye cream, I wanted to review Rexaline Hydra-EyeZone Hyper-Hydrating Rejuvenating Eye Contour.

It's a rather unusual packaging for eye cream. To me it looks more like a serum packaging. It comes in a shiny silver packaging, which seems to be metal, but has the weight of plastic. 

It has a plastic pump which is really nice because you can control the amount you want to come out. You can pump out the smallest amount possible, which means you won't be wasting product. The hole in pump is small.

One thing I really love about this packaging is the fact that you can see how much is still in it. Don't you just hate when you suddenly run out of the product and have no back up?

It contains 15 ml of product and it costs 49.95€. For Slovenians, you can find this brand in Müller: Ljubljana (BTC,Supernova,Čopova), Celje, Maribor and Koper. 

It is formulated with Rexaline Complex with 5 times more Fragmented Hyaluronic Acid. Rexaline Complex is enriched with anti-aging botanical ingredients: vitamins and minerals or royal jelly, energizing benefits of ginseng and cooling effect of centella asiatica. It also contains smoothing Gatuline In-Tense and anti-puffiness and anti-wrinkle Actiflow. It's free of parabens. 

It's formulated for fragile and sensitive eye area, has no fragrance, texture of a fresh and light gel cream and it's enriched with green pearls for light-reflecting effect. It promises to reduce wrinkles, dark circles and bags in 1 month. 

Read more about it here.

I've been using this cream for two months, so I can finally declare my thoughts on it. It really is how it says a nice mix of gel and cream. It has all the aspects of a nourishing thick cream, yet it looks like lightweight gel. It's smooth and feels very creamy

It has a very light green tint to it and if you look closely, it has very small shimmer in it, which looks multi-colored. 

I personally love thicker consistency of creams, although I know many don't. It doesn't mean that the cream is more nourishing, if it's thicker, but it's just an idea in my mind. This one goes on really thick, so I prefer to warm it up between my fingers and then slowly tap it into skin. In the beginning it feels sticky, but after a while it absorbs a little (not completely), although it still looks shiny. My guess is that this is due to the small shimmer, which in fact does light up under eye area and makes it look a bit brighter. When you apply it, it feels a bit cooling, but the feeling goes away quickly.

I feel that it is moisturizing and I like to use it underneath makeup, because it keeps concealer more moisturized and not as dry looking, which I don't like under my eye. I like it to be well moisturized. 

I don't have much problems with darkness or under eye bags, so I can't really report on this. I will dare to say that I might have noticed that the blueness under my eye is not as prominent as it was before, although I can't say if it's because of this cream or because of the fact that I've been going to sleep at normal hours lately. 

I also didn't see any major change in my wrinkles. They are still there and look as deep as they were before. 

What I like the most about this cream is thick yet gel like consistency, which I just love smudging around my eye area. It does a good job of moisturizing and it forms greasy layer, which makes it seem well nourished. I also like light reflecting shimmer in it. As far as reducing wrinkles it didn't do much. The packaging is well made and pretty elegant. I think the price is ridiculous for an eye cream. I'll let you decide if you have the budget for it, but all in all it's not a bad cream - just don't expect it to reverse or reduce your wrinkles and keep in mind that it is thicker. If you prefer lightweight well absorbing creams, this is not for you. 


  1. Omg, ko sem videla ceno, me je skoraj na rit vrglo. :o Pakiranje mi je ful všeč, ampak dvomim, da bi kdaj toliko plačala za kremo za oči, sploh ker mi ni nek obvezen izdelek za nego, brez katerega ne bi mogla. Drugače pa super ocena. :)

    1. Cena je res brutalna, sploh za kremo za oči. Če bi bila za obraz in več izdelka bi še nekako razumela. Hvala :)

  2. Da bi napisala, da si dejansko videla razliko pri gubicah ali temnih kolobarjih, čeprav jih itak nimaš, bi jo takoj kupila. I'm a sucker for thing like this, ampak drugače je pa meni cena tudi previsoka za ''povprečno'' kremo za oči :)

    1. Jaz tudi vedno upam na neko zmanjšanje gubic pri kremah za oči, čeprav realno gledano ne verjamem da obstajajo take kreme. :) Zaenkrat lahko za to samo rečem, da mi je zelo všeč tekstura in da je lepo vlažilna. Res je visoka cena, se strinjam :)