Review: Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner

Hey Beauties!

Joico is officially my favorite hair care brand. I tend to go for salon hair care when it comes to hair, because I have pretty dry and split ends. Joico K-Pak the original line was one of the first high end hair products I tried and what ever I get from Joico, I seem to love. It's no exception that I love this set from their Color Therapy range. 

You can obviously buy both separately, but I bought them in a set, which usually means it's also cheaper. At the time I bought it at Lookfantastic for around 24€. I always wait for some sort of discount codes. Feelunique has this set on sale right now for 27.71€ here. The prices are different from store to store, but online you can usually get shampoo for 18€ and conditioner for 19€

Both contain 300 ml, which is a really good amount. 

Because I started dying my hair back to copper, I decided to try the K-Pak Color Therapy range, which is for damaged hair, but also for colored hair and should prolong your hair color. I can't really comment on that, because my hair color is washing out faster than I can change my nail polish. Seriously, it's ridiculous.

Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Shampoo

Texture of shampoo is like a cream, but runny and it has that pearl white color. It leathers really well, which is always a joy with me. It has hair salon luxury smell. They both do. I really can't explain it, but it reminds me of hair salons. It's more deeper warmer smell. Small amount is enough, but I always shampoo my hair twice. It doesn't strip down my hair or leave it squeaky clean, which I like. The hair actually feels a bit moisturized, but not in any way greasy. 

Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Conditioner

It has a white creamy consistency and it's a lot thicker than shampoo, but not too heavy. It almost feels a bit buttery and greasy, which I love. It's very smooth and stays on the hair well. I feel like it really nourishes and the silicons in it make it a joy to touch. On the hair it leaves moisturizing smooth layer. The hair is easy to detangle and comb through. I find this to be really amazing for my dry ends and it also makes my hair very shiny and smooth. I can safely say that this is my favorite conditioner, because it almost feels like an average hair mask.

As you can see the shampoo (left) is pretty runny and the conditioner (right) is a lot thicker. 

I have already repurchased this set now that it is on sale again. I highly recommend you to try this if you want something to moisturize, smooth and make your hair color look shiny. Joico is officially my favorite hair brand and worth the money (which I can't say for some other brands - yes Kerastase!). I'm planing on trying some of their other hair products as well. I also recommend hair masks from Moisture range. 

If you want to know which products I absolutely love from them you can read it here (one of my first blog posts - don't judge). 


  1. Oh, jaz sem tudi imela te zadeve, pa me žal niso impresionirale :(.

    1. Zanimivo. Jaz pa več te K-Pak linije ne zamenjam za nič drugega:)

  2. Intense Hydrator si že preizkusila, da bi ga primerjala z balzamom? Drugače pa ja, Joico imam zelo dobre stvari :)

    1. Sem. Meni se zdita po teksturi podobna, samo da maska res bolj navlaži. Ampak ta balzam sploh ni slab, glede na to, da od balzama res ne morem pričakovati hidratacije neke maske. Se mi zdi, da je na sploh Color Therapy verjetno tudi namenjena temu, da nahrani lase, saj so barvani lasje že po definiciji bolj suhi. Joico je zakon. Sem imela ta Intense Hydrator, Deep Penetrating Reconstructor je itak zakon, pa tudi šampon in balzam iz K-pak nista slaba. Samo se mi zdi, da sta ta bolj vlažilna. Aja in Liquid Reconstructor moram znova naročit, ker je res odličen za moje lase:)