Review: Aldo Vandini Pure Eau de Parfum (White Magnolia and Cotton)

Hey Beauties!

I've once posted a photo of this perfume on my Instagram. I saw it in my local drugstore and my lovely cousin decided to buy it for me on Easter. I've hand the hand cream from this range before and when I saw I can also get a perfume, I was more than excited. 

The range is called Pure and it includes many other skin care products. Perfume is a blend of magnolia blossom, honey, rhubarb, peach, orange blossom, patchouli and vetiver. It costs 16.99€ and you get 50 ml of it (I bought it in Müller). The price is a bargain for such amount of product.

It has a nice transparent heavy glass bottle. Magnolia blossoms are printed all over the bottle. I will say I can see the top becoming loose and falling off with time. 

Regular spray pump and it disperses perfume really finely. 

The smell is simply amazing. When you spray it on it has a very sweet fruity smell, which quickly turns into a more sweet floral scent and later becomes like a comforting freshly washed clothes mixed with slight floral and woody notes. I love it. It's comforting, soft, yet kind of sweet and not too floral, because I don't like floral scents in general. It really is a unique blend that would be loved by many different people. This will be great summer fragrance, since it's not too strong or too sweet. 

I find that it lasts well. I wouldn't say it's really strong as some other scents, but I think this is also due to the scent itself, which is softer than most perfumes. I  still smell it on my skin at the end of the day, it's just not as intense, as when you spray it on. The bottle is very convenient, so you can easily carry it around and reapply it, when you need more. 

Maybe I gave you an idea on what to use in the summer. If you like blend of floral and sweet fruit, than definitely try it in the store and you may fall in love with it, like I did. The price is amazing.


  1. Ta vonj je tudi meni super odkar sem v tvojem giveawayu prejela kremico :) ga imam namen v prihodnosti kupit :D

    1. Jaz sem se tudi zaljubila s tisto kremo in ko sem videla, da imajo še parfum sem vedela da ga bom enkrat kupila. Na srečo me je sestrična prehitela :).

  2. Jaz sem skoraj dol padla, ko sem videla ta parfum v Müllerju, ker sem skoz od kar sem dobila kremo govorila, da kako super bi bilo če bi obstajal parfum :D Še ga pa nisem kupila, ker ne vem kako bi dišal na meni...Ampak mislim, da bo slej kot prej moj :)