Review: Kiko Nail Lacquer in 322 Caffe Latte

Hey Beauties!

A while ago I shared with you my spring haul, among which was also my Kiko purchase. I got three of their nail polishes. Today I'm showing you the shade that I got purely, because it was very cheap. I actually like those kind of brown shades and wanted to have Kiko version, because I heard good things about their nail polishes. 

Kiko Nail Lacquer is their regular line of nail polishes. This shade is called 322 Caffe Latte and it's chocolaty light brown shade . The bottle contains 11 ml of nail polish and this one costs only 1.00€. Amazing price! The packaging is regular glass bottle with plastic top. The brush is also pretty classic, straight cut and long.

The formula is just perfect. It's not extremely thick like some Catrice nail polishes and it's not thin like Maybelline Colorama nail polishes. Just perfect. One coat is very sheer, but if you manage to apply second thicker coat, it should be enough. On the photos I captured how it looks like with one coat and two coats. 

It has a nice shine, but it wasn't very long lasting on me. I'm starting to think that this is due to the horrible condition of my nails. Even the nail polishes, that were once very long lasting on me, are not anymore. I guess, I would say it's on the better half of average. I only had one Kiko nail polish before and was very satisfied with it's durability. 

The price and the shade were totally worth it. An amazing nail polish for 1€ and dare I say it's half the price of Essence nail polishes, which are gone from my nail in the same day. This one is definitely worth it. 

Do you have a favorite Kiko nail polish shade for 1€?


  1. It's not my colour, actually, but I like Kiko's polishes :)

  2. I'm really loving your nails, super simple but elegant.


  3. Čudovit odtenek :D taki pašejo na vse :D za 1€ se jih pa vsekakor splača kupiti!

    1. Se popolnoma strinjam s tabo in cena je res več kot odlična:)