Review: Kiko 3 in 1 Mat Fortifying Fast Dry Base and Top Coat

Hey Beauties!

One nail polish that I was most looking forward to getting, is this Kiko's Mat Top Coat. I love matte finish nails. I guess, anything that's not usual or common, it's more attractive to me. Most nail polishes are shiny and so I love matte nails. If you like that finish as well, I promise you, you'll love this top coat.

Kiko 3 in 1 Mat Fortifying Fast Dry Base and Top Coat costs 4.90€ and you get 11 ml of nail polish. It comes in a cute square glass bottle with silver top

I guess this is also a base, if you want it to be, but I just used it as a top coat

The brush is pretty regular, straight cut, but I find that it expends nicely over the nails. That means you can cover a lot of the nail in one swipe. I personally love this, especially with the top coats. Because sometimes if you play for too long, you may ruin the design. 

It dries fast, so you have to be quick. I think it's like that with most of matte top coats. I also find it to be a really good consistency. It's not too think, but also not thick in any way. Just the perfect consistency that allows you to apply it quickly and it still spreads nicely. 

I tried it with many different brand of nail polishes and I think it has a descent staying power. It won't last like Seche Vite, but it doesn't chip the second day, either. 

I tried it on top of Kiko nail polishes, because it should work best with those. Here I used Kiko Quick Dry nail polish in 853. 

You can see that it looks completely matte, once it's dry. I love, love that finish!

I also used it on top of Maybelline Color Show nail polish in 341 Orange Attack.

I think black nail polish still looks best with a matte top coat. Here I used Maybelline Color Show in 677 Blackout. 

And for the spring season, you can make your pastels look so much cooler with matte finish. Here I used Models Own Hyper Gel nail polish in Powder Blue.

I've seriously worn this top coat, ever since I got it. You'll even see I used it in some nail art designs. I just love the matte finish and I wanted a good matte top coat. This one ticks all the boxes. It dries fast (but not too fast), it doesn't chip quickly, it definitely has a matte finish and the consistency it's a dream to work with. If you're looking for a good matte top coat, I highly recommend this one. 


  1. Ooo to bo pa treba kupiti, mat finiš se dejansko lepo vidi! :)

  2. I love the matte red look, it looks so classy :D

    1. To me all the colors look better with matte, hehe:D

  3. Meni je mat videz zelo všeč na temnejših nohtih npr. temno rdečih, vijola, temnomodrih,... Sem včasih imela mat nadlak od Essence pa se je kar hitro zgostil. Upam, da ti bo tale dobro zdržal :)

    1. Torej kot šminke, so tudi temne lepše mat:D Ja jaz tudi upam, da se ne bo zgostil. Zdaj je res perfektne teksture:)