The Secrets of Blogging Tag

Hey Beauties!

I was tagged to do The Secrets of Blogging tag by the gorgeous and lovely Mateja from Mateja's Beauty Blog. I knew immediately, that I want to do this tag. Especially, because I do think you get to know a bit more about blogging and even though my blog is only a bit over one year old, I do know what advice I would give to anyone starting this. I know my first posts were, well... not so good.

1. When did you start blogging and why?
I started blogging on March 12th 2013. I guess, I at some point decided that I want to share the things I'm creating daily and why not share it with other beauty enthusiasts?! I'll admit, I did not follow the blog sphere before, because I came across blogs, only when I was looking for a review of some product. I was addicted to YouTube. After watching so many videos and trying makeup looks or nail art, I decided I wasn't THAT bad. My boyfriend and my friend were also one of those people who suggested to me that I really should start blogging. Shout out to Sabina from Sabina's Little Happy Place - she was also encouraging me to start blog and then I was encouraging her back :).

2. How many people in "real life" know about your blog?
Well Sabina, my boyfriend and then a couple of friends. I started saying something to my mom, but she doesn't really get this whole thing (by that I mean the whole computer and internet thing). I don't feel the need to say to anyone that I have a blog. I think a lot of my relatives wouldn't see the point in this or wouldn't even understand it, so I'd rather have like-minded people know about my blog. By that I mean someone who is actually interested in makeup, nails and such. I love all the other bloggers and the community and am happy that we support each other :).

3.What are your favorite posts to read?
The posts I like the most are beauty related. I love love seeing makeup looks. I also love to get inspired by others nail art. One of the things that I really like is comparisons or product dupes. I also really enjoy finding new products, which are preferably very cheap. It's hard to find something that is cheap and works amazingly at the same time. Of course I also love some random and different posts, just anything that gets my attention.

4. List a blog you have discovered lately.
In all honesty, I don't browse through blogs. I keep up with those who I already follow. I love finding someone through other blogs or finding them by them finding me and started following me. I guess if I should mention someone, the one that has been a recent addition to my subscriptions, it's Tamara's Beauty Talk. I love discovering Slovenian bloggers, because I always think there is very little of us. But then I always find someone knew :). Since I don't seek out for them, I'm always happy to click on suggestions on other blogs.

5.Which posts are you most proud of?
I guess the ones that I like the most. I have to say that I love doing makeup looks and those posts are one of my favorite ones. One of the makeup looks that was, what I think, a step forward was this Plum Seduction post.

I also really like my Spring Appreciation post where I did roses nail art. I like it, because of the very detailed nail design. But I still think one of my first posts, where I did the Cut the Rope inspired nail design, was really good :).

6.What advice would you give to future bloggers?
Obviously, to starts blogging if this is something that you'd really like to do. If you have something to share, do it. Do it, because you'll find like-minded people and you'll be able to share the same passion if you can't share it with anyone around you now. 

As far as the whole blogging thing goes, I am not an expert. Those are just some of the things that I think are important and that disturb me, if I see it done wrong somewhere. 

The most important thing is to have big photos. I know this was my mistake from day one. People, and especially me, are mostly visual. We love to see the products that you're talking about. If the photo is small, you can't even see the color or details. So BIG PHOTOS - essential! Plus is good for those who don't want to read the in-depth review. They can just look at the photos and then read whatever section they're interested in. 

Next is complimentary to the first advice and it's to take photos of the product. Take photos of how the product looks like in the packaging, what details does it have and then please put the product on you and take a photo. I absolutely hate reviews of a product where I don't see how the product actually looks like on the face. I don't mean that you have to put on body lotion and take a photo of your legs, but as far as makeup goes, I think it should all be seen on the person. If you're too shy at first, crop the photos and just show us your eyes (if you're talking about mascara), or lips (if you're reviewing lipstick). 

As far as reviews goes, I like to read the more detailed reviews. If you write two sentences about a product, this will not get me excited or give me any useful information. I'm not talking about one A4 sheet of writing, but just make sure to say how the product looks like, feels and such. 

One very and probably most important thing is having the icons for where or how can people follow you. I can't stress this enough! I've had people subscribed to me and I looked up their blog and what do I find? Nice blog, but there is no way in hell that I can find a button or just SOMETHING, where I can follow this blog. So make sure, that you have at least one option for people to follow you. My advice would also be for that option to be either GFC or Bloglovin. The last one is the easiest in my opinion and I wish all bloggers would use it.

I also very much agree with all the advice that Mateja has given, so do read hers too, if you're just starting a blog.

I really like this tag and hope it will be helpful to someone who doesn't know where to start. I know I never thought I would actually start a blog. Especially because I don't consider myself to be a good writer. I'm more of a visual person, that's why you'll find a lot of photos on my blog. I know that I have a lot to improve, but those things come with time. 

I won't tag anyone, because I don't know who's interested in doing this. If you've read it here and you're interested in doing it, please do it and leave the link in the comments below. I would love to read it :).


  1. Oh, yes, plum seduction je bil res prekrasen look. Šminka je awesome :)

    Se popolnoma strinjam z vsemi nasveti. Ne vem zakaj je nekaterim tako težko objavljat velike fotke, it's so simple. Pa glede knofov za sledenje isto. Sicer pa, če mi je blog všeč ga bom ročno poiskala na Bloglovin' ker tam gre avtomatsko vsak blog, ampak je pa veliko bolj praktično, če imaš povezavo v stranski vrstici. Krasno si tole spisala :)

    1. Hvala:). Ja se mi zdi, da mi te dve stvari gresta najbolj na živce - velike fotke in sledenje. Imaš prav, lahko bi ga ročno dodala na Bloglovin, ampak saj ljudje imamo radi simpl zadeve. Jaz si včasih mislim, da če mora nekdo vložiti nekaj energije, da nekaj naredi, potem si že vmes premisli in opusti.

  2. Such a cool tag to read! :D
    That plum makeup look looks amazing on you!

    1. Thank you:)) You should do this tag too, I would love to read yours;).

  3. Joj, glede fotk se čisto strinjam. Nič mi ne gre tako na živce kot majhne fotke, na katere moram klikniti, če želim kaj videti. Pa isto za swatche. Kaj mi pomaga swatch na roki, če kdo ocenjuje šminko ali rdečilo, če ne vidim, kako na osebi izgleda. Je pa super spisano, upam, da mi ta teden uspe ujeti dovolj časa, da še sama spišem tale tag. :)

    1. Se strinjam:) Majhne stvari, a so pomembne. Se že veselim branja;)

  4. Oh, krasen MU. Pa ta nail art- kok luškano! Pa cel tag je kul :)

    1. Hvala:)) Priporočam tag, bi ga z veseljem brala;)

  5. Joj kako sem lahko falila tale makeup! :)


    & super objava!

  6. Love this tag, some good tips there as well. At present moment I'm still not comfortable with posting pictures of my face since I don't have great skin, but I agree that by doing so makes it a good review. I will do this tag soon! :)

    1. Thanks:) I know, I wasn't comfortable posting my entire face for a long time. It's ok, sometimes it's enough to psot just certain parts of the face. I always say that anything is better than just a swatch on the paper or back of your palm:). Leave me link, when you do the tag, I'd love to read it;).