Review: Dr.Sheller Jojoba Oil & Schisandra Soothing Moisturizing Care

Hey Beauties! 

Today's review is about a complimentary product to one of Dr.Sheller's that I already reviewed. You can read the review here. Since I liked their serum so much, I decided to try the cream as well.

This product is supposed to be soothing moisturizing care, which reduces light redness and offers lasting protection against the development of new skin irritations. It's designed for sensitive skin, which mine is.

The cream is white and a bit thicker. It's thin enough to spread easily on the skin. It also soaks in really quickly. Behind, it leaves a moisturizing, somewhat sheen on the skin, but the feeling is very matte. The cream has a pretty subtle smell, nothing offensive and it does not smell like the serum. I feel like the cream has more neutral smell, although nothing distinctive that I could describe.

I like that it's not too heavy, which a lot of creams for sensitive skin are. I like that it dries and soaks quickly and it definitely makes my skin less irritated. I feel like the combination of serum and cream work great as far as reducing any irritations on sensitive skin. If you're skin is very sensitive, then this is a great cream.

However, it has a problem. The problem being that if you touch the skin after you've put on the cream or start to put on other product over it, it literally starts to peel off. The more you try to rub the skin, the more the cream starts to peel off. Such a shame, because I really like the benefits of using this cream on my skin. I noticed this when I applied foundation over it with a brush and my face started peeling off. Not good.

Now, I use the cream whenever my skin feels really irritated. I mostly use it at night, because then this is my last step in the routine. I also spread the cream with a very light pressure and quickly. Once this sets, it's better not to touch it. It won't come off, unless you rub it.

It costs something around 10 € (13$ or 8£) and you get 41 grams of product.

I think I won't be buying this cream again. It's a shame, because it works great with my skin, but I just can't be bothered to only use it when I know I won't be putting anything on top. And even that I have to do quickly and in a fairly thin layer. 


  1. Jaz sicer nisem opazila da bi se mi luščila.. Ampak mi nekak ni bil všeč občutek na koži :s

    1. Ne vem zakaj se je meni luščila:)) Čudna moja koža no:) No meni pa je ravno občutek bil fajn. Kot nek sloj zaščite pred iritacijo:)