Review: Kérastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique Nourishing Care With Heat-styling Protective Agent

Hey Beauties!

I have another great hair product! I love good hair products that make my hair smell and look nice. When it comes to the quality, I love using more expensive hair products, because they just seem to work better than others. 

I've only purchased one Kérastase product, so this is my second and it's a hit again. It's from their Nutritive line and it's called Nectar Thermique. It's a nourishing care for dry to very dry hair. It's a leave in and also heat-styling protective agent. I love multi-purposed products. Especially for the hair! My hair is greasy at the roots and very dry at the ends or around most of my length. 

This product makes my hair feel pretty soft and definitely moisturized and nourished. I think it's a good treatment for dry hair. But the thing I love the most about it, is the fact that it's also a heat protectant. I blow dry my hair, pretty much every time I clean them, so this makes my hair look amazing. It's like a hair mask that gets better with the heat. I love this.

The consistency is something between a milk and light cream. It's white, not to thick, not to thin and it applies like a dream. I literally use only almond size amount for my whole hair. It spreads easily and the thing that makes this product my favorite is the smell. OH MY GOD! It smells soooo good! The smell is something like summer :). By that I mean it smells pretty much like a sunscreen product. My hair smell so good after I use this. I am obsessed with smelling my hair (I know, it's a really weird picture seeing me smell my own hair). It really is a a great product.

Here are the ingredients.

There's 150 ml of product in the packaging, which is plastic and easy to squeeze out wanted amount of the product. I have been using it a lot and I still feel like I have more than half of it. You really need the smallest amount. That's great, because the product is not cheap, around 22€. 

I also bought similar version of this product from their Resistance line, which is more for damaged hair. I've reviewed that product here. The main difference between those two is that Nutritive makes my hair soft and moisturized, but the Resistance makes it also a lot straighter and gives more shine. It also makes my ends look a lot better than the Nutritive. However, the Resistance smells of cucumbers - not my favorite smell and Nutritive smells so incredible. Nutritive contains 150 ml, Resistance 125 ml. That's also a difference.

I would say both products are amazing, pretty expensive, but I think wort all the money. Especially because you really need so little to get the effect have a fabulous blow out. Decide for Resistance if you have more damaged hair and want the ends to look incredible, plus have a really straight hair. If you're hair is dry and you're looking for a good nourishing heat protectant that also smells incredible on the hair, then go for Nutritive. 

I love them both for different purposes and use both. Nutritive for when I want nice smelling hair and Resistance for when I want my hair to look flawless in terms of mostly my split ends.


  1. Nectar Termique je ena izmed mojih najljubših stvari za lase. Pri Kérastase dobiš za kar plačaš :) Meni tudi lepo diši, tako kot praviš po sončni kremi. Maska diši še malo lepše :)

    1. Ja to je res, pa še relativno dolgo uporabljaš en izdelek. Vsaj jaz, ker mi že majhna količina zadostuje:) Vonj je res božanski. Mislim da mi je Nutritive ljubši od Resistance samo zaradi vonja, ker drugače ima Resistance skoraj boljši efekt na mojih laseh:))

  2. U mogoče bi pa mogla investirat v tale Resistance, če res naredi lase bolj ravne :)

    1. Jaz imam popolnoma ravne lase po tem izdelku, kot če bi si jih likala:) Je pa res, da imam že drugače načeloma ravne lase:)

  3. Kerastase je top! Tole moram definitivno poskusit in se strinjam, njihovi izdelki so res vredni svojega denarja :)