DIY: Easter decorations

Hey Beauties!

Yesterday I had too much energy and I directed it all in a small Easter decoration project. My mom is the one in the family, who always makes decorations for pretty much most of the seasons. Her decorations go all around the house and even some in front of the house. It's one of those things that she really likes to do. I had to step up my game and show her that the genes weren't completely lost with me, haha :).

Glitter Eggs

I found glitter eggs on Pinterest and decided that I absolutely need to do this. Who doesn't like glitter? If you would like to see where I got the idea, just click here.

So, I did the same thing as described their. I bought styrofoam eggs and put then on little skewer (I learned this word just now, haha). I used Mod Podge to apply all over the eggs and then pour on the glitter. I used silver, gold and copper glitter. After that I let it dry by sticking skewer into soil of one of the plants. After few hours I sprayed it with a hair spray to initially prevent glitters from falling off, but you know how it is with glitter. I made 5 glitter eggs and put them in a glass jar. Underneath I put a little of the paper grass. It was really simple and I really liked my room decor to be a bit more glittery, than it was until now :).

Easter arrangement

The next thing I did was a little arrangement inspired by Easter. I used little piece of a grape vine and sprayed it with one of those transparent protective sprays for wood. Before that, I also needed to smooth the surface of it with sandpaper. Then all I did was use a glue gun and started gluing on the things I found at home. 

I made a little nest out of feathers and put on small eggs. Those eggs look like a quail eggs, but are actually plastic. I found two little chickens and glued them on at the end.

At the middle I glued on this plant, which I believe is called Catkins and placed a plastic rabbit in the center. 

At the other end I made three more glitter eggs different sizes and glued them on as well. I also had a little yellow bow and glued it in front of them. I also found wooden lady bugs and placed them on the places that were left a bit more empty. 

So simple to make, but I really like how it looks. The best thing is that you can glue on whatever you like and really make it personalized to what you like.

Here I photographed just some of the decorations my mom already has around the house. I am sure there will be more, but this is what we have for now :).

Will you be making any Easter decorations this year?


  1. Super dekoracije, vse so mi všeč. Pri nas pa ponavadi za veliko noč nič ne okrašujemo posebej.

    1. Hvala:) Ah moja mama vedno nekaj ustvarja, potem pa še mene zraven pritegne:)

  2. So much glitter, I LOVE IT ❤ :P Glitter fall-off je res neizogiben, ampak totally worth it, ker je res krasno! Res super narejeno vse, pa ful luškane pikapolonice! :))

    1. Hvala:)) Ja z glitterjem je že tako, vedno se še kak odlepi, ko jih ne moreš popolnoma vse gor zalepiti:)

  3. Hvala:)) Hehe, jaz tudi včasih raje njej prepustim, ko nimam časa, ampak sem letos tudi sama malo poskušala ustvarjati:))

  4. Waw, kaj si pridna! Tole z glitterjem je top izvršba!