Review: Weleda Soothing Cleansing Milk (Almond)

Hey Beauties!

I found a new face cleaning product that works for me - yey. I have to say I have been splurging on skin care, a bit too much lately. I've just realized that I'm not 16 anymore and I need to start treating my skin better. So expect more skin care to come. 

Today it's about Weleda Soothing Cleansing Milk and it's from their Almond collection, which is for sensitive skin, I think. It comes in a paper box. I'm not so fond of the packaging. It's... what is this material - metal?! You know really hard to squeeze out every little bit of it. Plus the metal packaging breaks and doesn't fit back into its first shape... I just don't like it that much. Would prefer it, if it would be plastic. It's pretty hard to squeeze it out, when there's only a little bit left. Not a winner in this department.

It contains 75 ml of milk and I bought it for 8.85€. I'm not jumping up and down for this price, either.

Let me say that the cleansing milk starts to use up really quickly. What I mean 75 ml isn't much for the consistency and how much I need to use for one face wash.

The product itself is really nice. It's definitely consistency of a milk, but not a very thick one. I find that you need quite a bit to really massage it all over the face. It's white and blends nicely onto the skin. It does leave a really clean feeling right after washing it off. You know what I mean, when there's almost no moisture left on the skin. It's not that bad, because it does leave behind moisture layer, but nothing extremely moisturizing.  The layer is very thin and it reappears on the skin a bit later. It's probably not the best for dry skin. One of the ingredients in it is almond oil, but surprisingly it does not feel oily at all. The smell is very neutral and something like marzipan - I actually love marzipan so I love the smell as well. No perfume or anything, I think that's all natural smell. As far as taking off makeup - not the best for something extremely long lasting. I use this milk as the last step of the face cleaning. Before, I still like using my cheaper milks, just to get the bulk of makeup off.

My skin seems to love it and you know I have sensitive skin. So, I would recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin, but probably not the best for very dry skin. I would also like if this would come in a bigger packaging for the same price, preferably. 

Here's the very clean ingredients list - the reason why my skin likes it so much :).

I guess this is just one of those products that I absolutely love the product, but everything else is just a fail. The packaging is just so not practical at all and there's way too little product in it for the price. I would say I'll repurchase it, but probably not. What a shame, because the product is absolutely awesome.

Have you tried this product or any of the almond range? How did you like it?


  1. Tole pa sem mislila it že parkrat pogledat če imajo pri nas, pa vedno pozabim. Ga imam že dolgo na seznamu za sprobat :)

    1. Mislim, da ga imajo v DM-u in tudi Müllerju. Izdelek je res odličen, ampak se mi zdi enostavno predrago glede na to kako hitro se porabi. Res škoda, ker bi ga takoj kupila ponovno:)

  2. Zadnje čase pa kar vidim po blogih to znamko.. (in mislim da sem jo celo v hoferju vidla:D) Sicer mi še ni nič v oči padlo od njih, še posebej zdaj ko malo bolj pazim kaj dam na obraz. Bom pa definitivno malo poguglala pa naslednjič bolj pogledala v drogerijah :)) Čeprav.. Ta ziher ni za mene, glede na to kak suho kožo mam zadnje čase.. :)

    1. V Hofferju? Zanimivo:) Ja verjetno ni najboljša, če imaš suho, bolj če imaš zelo občutljivo, ker ima res čiste sestavine in nič ne iritira:)