Afrodita Cosmetics: Chamomile moisturizing and nourishing cream and massage oil

Hey Beauties!

Apart from Slovenian bloggers, others may not know about our Slovenian brand called Afrodita Cosmetics. I thought I would write a short post featuring one of my favorite Afrodita products, that I've tried so far. It's kind of unfair how many times we write and rave about foreign makeup and skincare brands and forget about ours. I know I do. So, maybe you'll find some product that'll spark you're interest and support our local brand.

I chose three products that I absolutely love. It's chamomile nourishing cream, chamomile moisturizing cream and massage oil.

I had those two creams for a while and I think this is my second packaging. When it comes to creams I really use the tiniest amount and that's why I don't try a lot of new things, because I just don't use them up as quickly. 

Chamomile nourishing cream

The chamomile nourishing cream I use in the winter time or on any dry patches, which I sometimes get around my nose and in between the brows. It's very heavy therefore pretty greasy. It's definitely one for those with dry to dehydrated normal skin. The cream is very thick in consistency, therefore pretty heavy on the skin. It's the best thing for dry winter, because it really nourishes the skin an definitely combats dry patches. The whole chamomile line is designed for sensitive skin and my skin loves it. As you may know, I do have sensitive skin and many creams don't work for me - this one does. When used on the skin it does leave a slight shiny layer. It has no defining smell. 

Chamomile moisturizing cream

The next is  chamomile moisturizing cream. This one is a lot lighter in texture, but still feels moisturizing. It feels lighter on the skin and it also soaks into the skin a lot quicker then previous. It almost gives the skin a matte finish. In my opinion it's the best version of cream for combination to oily skin and normal skin. It gives moisture, but doesn't leave any greasiness or shininess on the skin. It has no defining smell whatsoever. 

The packaging of both is a plastic pot with a screw on top. There's 50 ml of cream in each pot. It lasts a really long time - at least for me, because you really don't need much to cover the entire face. I'm not sure about the price, because it was a while ago, when I bought it, but I think it's around 13 €.

I also like that they promise that their products contain up to 96.5% of ingredients of natural origin and that they supposedly select organically produced ingredients. On those creams also says paraben and paraffin free, which is always a plus.

Apart from selling product for home use, they also have certain products that are used only in wellness, spa centers, hair salons and professional cosmetic salons. Now they offer some of those professional products to costumers in the stores. My friend bought me this massage oil with jojoba and I love it! It's supposedly used in professional spa centers.

Massage oil with jojoba

First of all it smells d-i-v-i-n-e! The smell is described as sweet vanilla and I agree. Smells like a freshly baked cookies. Every time I use it, I get hungry. It's very oily, spreads nicely and what I like the most, you can massage the hell out of it and it will still be greasy enough to move your hands over the body. It does soak up after a while. It says it's jojoba oil and shea butter and it's from 100% natural oils. It's also paraben paraffin, silicone and preservative free.

The packaging is plastic. There's a hole, so you can pour out as much oil as you want. It of course gets a bit messy, like with all the oils. There's 150 ml of oil in the packaging and it uses up really slowly - surprisingly. I used it a lot of times and still looks like I just used a very little of it. The price is a little over 3 €.

If I sparked your interest in any of these products, you can read more about them here. I also saw that the brand is actually available in certain European countries, Australia and USA. More information is here.

Oh and to clear it up, I did not get those products for free, I actually bought them all (except the oil - I got it as a gift from friend). Because I did put a few links in the post, I didn't want you to get the wrong idea. My posts are always clear about that, anyway.

So have you tried any of the Afrodita products? Which ones do you like the best?


  1. Meni so te Afrodita kreme za obraz najboljše, sem do zdaj sprobala olivo in pa mandelj...Imam tudi zelo občutljivo kožo in te so ene redkih, ki mi odgovarjajo...Bom definitivno šla še po to kamilico :)

    1. Jaz sem bila prav tako presenečena, kako dobro odgovarjajo moji koži:) Pohvalno:)

  2. Jaz pa ne maram kaj dosti Afrodite. Nikoli me nič zares ne pritegne in vedno ko sem kaj kupila, se je izkazalo za slabo ali povprečno. Isto velja za Subrino.
    Mogoče bom enkrat preizkusila kaj od njih pa mi bo celo všeč, who knows :)

    1. Jaz sem tudi že kupila stvari, ki mi niso bile všeč. Te tri zadeve pa so mi super:) Mogoče pa kdaj kaj najdeš, ja:)

  3. Ne vem, zakaj se mi je zdelo, da so te kreme cenejše :). Drugače sem pa mela od Afrodite mogoče 2 kremi. Ena mi je bila všeč, druge se pa ne spomnim :) Mi je pa všeč tisti gel za čiščenje obraza v modri embalaži :)

    1. Za čiščenje pa nisem nič preizkusila:) Zdaj imam še nek gel za tuširanje in mleko za telo za preizkusiti:)

  4. Sem si zaradi tvojega review-ja kupila tole kamilico vlažilno kremo in je res odlična! Meni vsaka druga krema reagira na koži (rdeči fleki) ali pa dobim mozolje, tale pa se zaenkrat super obnese. :) Lahka, hitro se vpije, koža se ne sveti + meni ima ful prijeten vonj. Edino embalaže so zamenjali, moja je v belem lončku.

    1. Super:) Odlično, da ti odgovarja:D Jaz sem drugače popolnoma ista. Vsaka krema mi povzroča neke rdeče fleke, verjetno zaradi parfumov ali pa kakšnih alkoholov - predvidevam. Ta pa je res taka osnovna basic zadeva, da ne sme iritirat:) Meni je vonj tudi všeč in kot si rekla, še lahka je:) Za zimo, če imaš bolj suho kožo pa zagotov priporočam še hranljivo verzijo ;)