Review: Aldo Vandini hydro hand balsam (Cotton & White Magnolia)

Hey Beauties!

I featured this little hand cream in my recent giveaway. I wanted this cream since I first smelled it in a store. I'm warning you, this was a purely oh-my-god-it-smells-so-good-i-need-it purchase :).

I'm not going to go on about this cream, because it is a hand cream - not much to say. I bought a smaller or travel sized version, because I very rarely use up entire hand cream and didn't know how it would even react to my skin. I was so happy to see this certain scent of Cotton and White Magnolia in the store (Tuš Drogerija Slovenian ladies ;) ). 

The smell is just amazing. Of course I can't explain it properly, but to me it smells extremely sophisticated. The smell is not overpowering, like with most products. It's very subtle, what I like. I think I would buy a perfume that smells like this, if there was any. Just a very clean, sophisticated, elegant smell. If you find it in a store, take s sniff and tell me if you like it as well.

The cream itself or the balsam, as it says on the packaging, is pretty moisturizing and sheer in consistency. It soaks in the skin extremely quickly and does not leave behind any greasiness or even stickiness. I guess it's not the best for extremely dry hands, it's more of a pick me up hand scent, I would say. I do have it in my bag and put it on, whenever I wanna smell nice. I also didn't have any bad or irritating reaction to it, so that's always a thumbs up for my sensitive skin. It's moisturizing too, but nothing overload, just a little moisture.

The ingredients list.

This little tube contains 20 ml of cream and it's squeezable. Very handy for throwing it in the bag and carrying it around. It costs 0.84€. 

So, if you like nice smelly things, I suggest picking this little cutie up and having it with you on the go. 


  1. I like nice smelly thing :P Pa rada imam, da niso mastne kreme (vsaj tiste, ki jih imam s seboj v torbici), tko da bi mogoč sprobala to in še pakiranje mi je luštno :)

    1. Potem nisem edina, da mi je všeč embalaža:) Je cute zadevica in če si v Tušu, ti priporočam, saj je majhna verzija in poceni:) Je pa fajn za v torbico:)

  2. I think this brand is available in Muller in Croatia, and I hear everyone loves them...I'll have to try this.

    1. It should be:) All their products smell so nice in my opinion - very sophisticated smells:)