Recycling old candles

Hey Beauties!

I was burning a big coconut candle and the wall of the candle cracked. My candle went everywhere. That is why I collected it and turned into new candles.

Things you'll need to recycle old candles:
-old candles or what's left of them
-candle wick (0,20 € per meter-I got it in a shop that sells fabrics)
-glass jars or old candle jars (you can also use food glass jars)
-a  pot and a bowl for double boiling (melting the candles)
-some pens

Firstly, I cleaned out what was left of candles in the glass jars. If you freeze them and then try to clean out, it will be a lot easier.

Then I prepared my candle wick, which I wrapped around a pen and put the pen horizontally on the jar. This will make the candle wick stay put, while you pour in the candle wax. You can also use a plastic jar from yogurt. Just make sure that it can hold the heat. Maybe hold it above boiling water to see if it will twist itself. I also had some coconut left and I cut it in half and used it as a candle jar.

Then I got a pot and filled it with a bit of water. On top of the pot I put a bowl in which I put old candle wax and wait for it to completely melt. If you want to add fragrance oil, like I did to one of them, I recommend adding it when you put the wax in a bowl, so it can all melt together. I also had some fragrance cubes, which melt to oil when you put them on top of the heat. I also used these in two little candle lights to add fragrance and color.

After that I poured it into my glass jars, yogurt plastic jar and coconut. If you are impatient like me you can cool them down by putting them into a bowl filled with cold water. However this will make the candle harden really quick, which will result in a hole in the middle of the candle. For a better look I recommend just letting the candles sit outside and harden slowly on its own.

That's it. Very easy and you get new candles to burn, by saving some old ones. I am sure you all have a lot of half used candles and if you have some time to recycle them, you get new candles for almost free. The only thing you need to buy is candle wick, which is around 0,20 € per meter.

You can also decorate them. I cut one of my old shirts, that had a lot of lace around and I just didn't like it anymore. I used the lace to wrapped it around the bottom of a candle for a nice touch.

I also made this candle. I melted different colors of candle waxes and poured them into the jar one by one. I let each layer dry, and then I poured over another color. That is how I got this design. I didn't have much colors to choose from, but if you have, I am sure it will look better than mine. This is the one candle that is a bit more time consuming, because you have to melt, wait, melt, wait... :)

So, what is your favorite fragrance of candles? I love classic vanilla and coconut :)


  1. Ful si lepo nardila tisto s čipko :)

  2. Vav, super ideja! Kokosova in čipkasta sta res lepi! <3

    Sicer pa imam jaz najraje sadne vonje (češnje, jagode, breskev, ...:))

  3. Super ideja. Jaz sicer ponavadi kupujem čajne svečke, ki mi potem zgorijo do konca. Meni je sicer najbolj všeč ta v kokosu, prav odlično izgleda. :)

  4. waw zelo lepo narejeno in zelo dobre ideje:) bo treba poskusit :)