DIY: Cobra braid bracelets

Hey Beauties!

I am trying to make my own jewelry every once in a while. Not all tries are successful though :). I know this trend of cobra braid has been popular for a long time, but I discovered it recently and I love it :). I wanted to share my creations and maybe inspire you to try some, if you have too much time on your hands ;).

Note: You can use any materials you like. I used plastic cords, which can be found in kids department stores for about 3 € for maybe 20 cords or more. You can even use old clothes to make this. What ever you have laying around. I advise to use longer cords then you think, because you can always snip of the rest. Especially if you're doing it with plastic cord, use very long cords and tight firmly and evenly to get a nice look.

How to do a cobra braid

You start with one long cord, which you fold in half and secure on something. I used this clasp on my-don't know what's the name, you know hard thing that can hold your papers with the clasp :). Then you take another long cord and also fold it in half. Place the middle under the two cords.

Then you take cord A (as it's seen on the picture) and create a loop, by folding it in half circle over the two basic cords. Then you take cord B and go over the cord A.
Then with the same B you go under the two basic cords and then through the loop. After that you pull on both A and B cords and you get a knot.
Then you do the same thing again. Start with A (which is now on the right side) and create a loop. With the B go over the A and then under the two basic cords. Then go with the same through the loop and pull both cords. 
Just repeat the mantra- loop, over, under, through the loop :). Once you get a hang of it, you'll be speeding through the whole process in no time. 
Then once you get to the desired length stop. Get those basic cord and fold them in half on the back of the braid-like seen on photo. Once you got that, just continue braiding for about 5 more knots. This will braid your ends into the braid, so you won't have any ugly cords hanging out. 
When you finish, just snip off the rest of the cord and the braid won't move. I hope I was at least a bit clear on how to make it. If not, photos can help :).

I did my cobra braids a few different ways and paired them with chains.

Here is what I did and how I paired them with other bracelets. As you may see I like stacking up bracelets :)

Adjustable bracelet
I went over the braid with another braid to get double size braid
Wire bracelet

What is your favorite bracelet style, that you rock right now?


  1. Ful dobr si tole nardila, črna in modra (tista srednja modra) sta mi najbolj v oči padle. Sama sem kar obupala nad tem, da bi kakšno zapestnico naredila, ker vse tko čudno izpadejo :D

    1. Meni je bolj problem včasih kako jo končati, da bo zgledalo lepo. Ampak ta je pa dokaj lahka za nardit. Ne obupat ;)

  2. Vse krasno izgledajo. Jaz že dolgo nisem nobenega nakita sama naredila, moram se spet kaj spravit zraven. :)

    1. Zdaj v počitnicah bo spet več časa za ustvarjanje;)

  3. Ta črna je prav čudovita. Lepo si jo skombinirala še z ostalimi zapestnicami. :D

  4. Super ideja :) se še spomnim ko smo bili vsi obsedeni s pletenjem teh zapestnic, me ima da bi šla po nov paket pa spet začela :)

  5. odličen post! Pa prekrasne zapestnicE!