September 2022 Favorites

Skin 1004 Madagascar Centella Light Cleansing Oil

After I had the ampoule from the same range, I decided to give a try to their cleansing oil as well. It's light cleansing oil that is quite runny, but it manages to break off any makeup, even stubborn long lasting one. I can use it on my eyes as well and it doesn't sting them. There is a bit of blurry vision for a few seconds, but that's normal with oils. It has what I assume natural scent to it, which is quite gentle and subtle, sort of herbal. The main ingredient is obviously centella asiatica which is one of my favorite skin care ingredients as it works so soothing. It also has a bunch of other oils - sunflower, bergamot, olive, jojoba and some flower oils as well. I love that I don't need a lot to completely break up my makeup and it doesn't leave any oily residue on my face. So far I love it.

Skin 1004 Madagascar Centella Ampoule

This is 100% centella asiatica extract and is the only such product that contains only centella asiatica that I have tried so far. Ampoule is like a light serum with slightly thicker consistency than water. It absorbs fast into the skin and feels like nothing. I've noticed when using it for a longer period that my skin loves it. It instantly soothes my skin and it helps me with irritation as well as nourishes and hydrates the skin a bit. It's one of those basic serums that just feels so good on my type of skin. I think this would be amazing for anyone with irritated, sensitive and damaged skin. Centella has a way of soothing all of those conditions. I am curious to actually try the whole range of these products, because so far these two are amazing. 

AHC Youth Lasting Real Eye Cream For Face

I was looking to add another eye cream to my routine, because Balea's roll on is fine, just not rich enough for colder months. AHC is known for their eye creams and they have tendency to upgrade their formulas every now and then to make them even better. This one has hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, amino acids and peptides. Formula also includes AHC's exclusive ingredients called 20s Biome which is supposedly made of microbiome cultures usually found on the surface of the young people in their twenties. It's one of those formulas that feels a little thicker, but goes on like a dream and really nourished and hydrates, but doesn't feel heavy. I find it kind of soothing after cleansing the skin and applying this around my eyes. It promises to improve appearance of fine lines, brighten and calm the skin. 

Uriage Eau Thermale Age-Protect Instant Multi-Correction Filler Care

Beautypharmacy is kind enough to always add new products to my orders, so that I have a chance to try out more products and they usually get it right by gifting me the products that I end up loving. Uriage Filler cream is one of those perfect moisturizers for my skin as I am over 30 and have been seeing fine wrinkles emerging on different parts of the face. It contains retinol, hyaluronic acid, dragon's blood and vitamin C and E. It's basically your moisturizer that will help to smooth the skin's surface of fine lines. They also have soft focus powder which blurs pores and irregular skin texture as well as blue light barrier to protect from blue light and oxidative stress. Texture is creamy and not too thick. It has a scent to it, but in general I would say it's more suitable for colder months, if you have combination skin like I do. So far I like it. I can't say about any effects yet, but the texture is just lovely.

e.l.f. Power Grip Primer

I heard this is supposedly dupe for Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Gripping Primer. I can't say, if that's true, because I don't have it. However, elf one is like a thicker gel with slightly blue tint and it's actually hard to spread on the face. You have to blend it into the skin fast or it starts to get tacky and sticky. Which means it's just perfect for gripping that foundation you put on top so that it stays there for the whole day. Elf is one of those brands that here and there has some amazing new releases and I think this is one of those. It's affordable, yet it works. It grips foundation, makes it apply evenly and it lasts much longer without fading compared to when you don't apply it. 

e.l.f. Halo Glow Liquid Filter - 2 Fair/Light

And here is another dupe, this time of Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter. I actually have sample size of all Flawless Filter shades from Charlotte and I have swatched it next to the elf one - it's definitely a dupe. Charlotte's is maybe thicker and a tad less sheeny, while elf one is easier to spread and has a bit more glow. It's one of those products that can be used as a glowy primer, highlighter or even on its own, if you like that kind of sheen. It's that sheen that has no shimmer to it whatsoever, but there is also some coverage to it, so it can pass as tinted moisturizer for some. I still prefer to use foundation with it. 2 Fair/Light was the only shade still available, because it's sold out everywhere. I can make it work, because I still have some tan, but for winter I would need shade 1. I love it as primer or highlighter.

The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer - 1.5 Natural Beige

After trying some high end concealers, I can still say that this very affordable option is still one of my all time favorites. It's got that perfect creamy consistency with good medium coverage that doesn't settle into fine lines, stays on and leaves natural matte finish on the skin. This formula is just so good. There are a few shades, though not all are available on every online store and it's mostly lighter shades without many undertones to choose. I currently use shade 1.5 but have to mix it with darker concealers, because I still have some tan. 

Deborah Milano Pupa Vamp! Mascara

This is one of those volumizing mascaras that gives you volume with just one coat from the start. It can get a bit chunkier as you use it for a month or so, but I love that it creates volume so fast. I have done my lash lift with another silicon pad so that my lashes actually look longer now and this mascara is perfect to give me wanted volume and a bit of length without making them look too clumpy. I have no complaints except for the fact that it does flake a bit. It can also transfer on my upper lid, because I have hooded lids, so I have to check it through the day and clean it up.

Catrice Nail Polish - 137 Going Nuts

I like Catrice formula which is easy to apply, has good coverage and looks even. But their longevity is not the best on me. I had this one chipping on my nails the second day already even with my favorite top coat Seche Vite. Going Nuts is their newest color added to the range in time for autumn. I usually don't buy Catrice nail polishes, but this color was just so unique I had to get it. It called me. It's the perfect fox orange brown color. Can it be more autumnal than this?! I am an absolute sucker for those warm browns and this is definitely my season for clothing and other products as I just love those autumn tones. Other have already commented on the shade as well, it seems it's quite an eye catcher.  

Refan Perfumes - 240 and 270

If you don't know, Refan is a brand of perfumes that makes those perfumes that smell the same as famous perfumes from other brands, but theirs are in a generic simple bottles. They have a list of perfumes that are inspired by other designers, though I am not sure how it works, but the scents are pretty much the same and longevity is good at a very affordable price. I wanted to check, if Refan has Narciso Rodriguez Rouge perfume, which I smelled in store, but they didn't. Instead they had Narciso Rodriguez for Her (number 240) apparently the newest version from 2022 in pink bottle and I got that one to try out. I loved it so much that I already went back and repurchased it. It smells a bit citrusy at first, but then it quickly becomes this deeper sweet musk that resembles a bit of oriental feel but with soft florals. I love it. It's different from my usual strong sweet scents that I usually wear and love in this time of year. I also got Narciso Rodriguez Poudree (number 270). This is one of those polarizing fragrances. I was drawn to it among so many different scents that I was trying out. It almost reminds me of a soapy old school scent, but it has such powdery feel to it. It reminds me of soap, powder and silk, just very gentle musky floral fragrance that won't be in your face, but smells very feminine to me. Some say it smells plastic and generic to them, so it's definitely one of those scents you have to try it out before buying. 

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