July 2021 Favorites

My favorites list is getting shorter every month, because I'm just not experimenting as much as I used to with makeup. I've been testing lots of new skin care, but there is more body products in this months favorites. In the summer I always go back to my favorite fragrance combo as well.

Balea Men Energy Augen Roll-On

I've liked this before, but for hot summer months, this is even better. Heavier eye creams can quickly feel too much on my skin as I tend to get milia quicker as well. So this light hydrating serum with metal roller ball that feels nicely cooling is the perfect hydration for around the eyes. It has glycerin, niacinamide, panthenol, caffeine and hyaluronic acid to nicely hydrated, brighten and depuff under the eyes. I find it just light enough for my skin and it feels sort of soothing, so I already repurchased it.

Powder Puff

My makeup is an oily mess these days, so I try to set my makeup heavily, because I know I'll get oily on my T zone very quickly. I have started using powder puffs to load up with loose translucent powder and press it onto my problem areas, where my sebum comes through quickly. I feel like it helps a bit to really press powder in, but I still need to re-powder through the day. 

I've been a fan of Colourpop Super Shock Shadows for years, particularly ultra-glitter finish shades. Mousse like creamy formula that turns into powder is very easy to apply with fingers. I treat these almost as eyeshadow toppers. Apply any matte shade in the crease or all over the lid and tap some of Super Shock Shadow on the center to get that tiny shimmer that gives the eyes almost wet look. Ritz is one of those nude shades with cool silver shimmer that gives you that expensive shiny look. I have been using it so much this month. It's the easiest makeup look that looks like you've put a lot of effort in it, when your didn't.

Another one of my absolute favorite formulas are these L.O.V. blushes. Baked formula that has amazing pigmentation, blends like a dream and has very wearable shades. 60 is the most glowy shade with tiny shimmer in my collection, but I love the tone of it. It has a mic of peach and pink marble design. Once you swirl it up you get that perfect summer coral shade that looks like you've been sitting out on the sun for a bit too long. I love this shade for the summer and it lasts all day. 

This isn't sold in Slovenia anymore, but I think I've seen it still being available in US and in many more shades. This is one of those underrated formulas that was so cheap and looks so good. I can only make it work when I have some tan, otherwise it's too dark for me. It has a bit of that beige undertone, but it gives you the most natural looking champagne sort of cooler sheen to the skin with no visible shimmer. That's what makes it so special, it gives the sheen, but isn't shimmery. It's perfect for summer when I don't like too intense highlighters as it can quickly look very oily and greasy on my combination skin that gets pretty oily. 

This is my staple summer fragrance combination that I go back to every summer. I am all about intense sweet and oriental fragrances, but in the summer I like something more summery and what is more summery than coconut?! Yves Rocher probably has the best creamy coconut scent I have tried so far. Whenever I smell it, I think of coconut milk. It's just sweet enough, not artificial and almost a bit powdery. Coconut Passion is anything but coconut. To me it smells like sweet vanilla with a hint of tropical sweetness. But it lasts so long on the skin. I mix these two together for that perfect combination of sweet tropical vanilla and coconut that makes it my perfect summer fragrance. Plus I have these for so long and I still haven't used them up, because you really don't need a lot.

Neutrogena Anti-Pickel T├Ągliches Waschgel

It's daily wash gel for the face with some salicylic acid, but I use it for the skin on my armpits. In the summer, when I shave my armpits a lot, I tend to get ingrown hair and I've heard BHA products can help with that dead cell removal so that hair can come through. I've also heard it helps with odor as it helps to kill bacteria that give you the smell. I didn't notice any help with that, because I still get very sweaty and smelly, when it's hot, but at least I don't have as much problems with ingrown hair now. Sometimes I also use it on my face, when I have problems with blemishes. It has citrus orange scent and gel formula that foams well. 

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