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Another batch of new products. I haven't posted a new in in a while. Here are also some PR packages from December as well as some Black Friday purchases. 

Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara

I guess this is one of the most hyped up mascara currently and apparently Tik Tok is the one to thank for. I don't have Tik Tok, but hype has reached me just as well. Since I am a lover of Maybelline mascaras anyway, I decided to give it a try. This is very similar to the orifinal Lash Sensational. It gives my lashes extreme lenght, separates them and gives them definition. You can gain some volume, but you have to build it up quite well. I feel like this is just slightly amped up version of Lash Sensational. It gives more length and instant definition with just one swipe of mascara. My only problem with it is that is very hard to remove for a mascara that isn't even waterproof. I use Bioderma micellar water and I have to go in hard a few times to remove it all. I like that the lashes are still left soft and it doesn't weigh them down, so it hold my curl. You'll like it, if you want something with length and definition.

Molash Lash Serum

This is repurchase. I still have older bottle, but I think I need to throw it away, because it's way overdue. This is one of the cheapest lash growth serums here on the market and it's just as effective as more expensive ones. I like that it doesn't irritate my skin, even if I use it every day. This is new packaging, which I approve. It's a much more grown up design. I noticed I haven't posted a review of the older one, but I hope I get to do with this bottle. There are some visible results - longer lashes and they tend to grow more curved, which is also very nice.

I have few of these blushes already and they are one of my favorites in the drugstore price range. Cameo Pink is muddy pink that is so neutral and perfect for any makeup look. I absolutely love it and already have full review of it. 

Pigments are one of those unnecessary makeup products, but they can be the most fun as well. This was my first time trying Sample Beauty ones and I really like those two shades. One a more bronze one and one duo chrome brownish turquoise. They have larger glitters than I am used to with pigments, but look great all over the lid. 

As much as I like Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High, I also really love Euphoric by Avon. It's one of those amscaras that gives you great definition, but still lets you build up some major volume. This one makes my lashes noticeably hard to the touch, but it holds my curl and it's easier to take off, so I have repurchased it already. This time in blackest black color, though I really like brown black color as well. 

Avon Lucky Me - Mini Version

So Avon does mini versions of some of their perfumes in a 10 ml size. I sometimes get these, because they are great to throw in the bag and have with me or to try out a new scent, but not buy the full size. Lucky Me has quickly grown on me and I am seriously considering buying a full size version, though I have so many perfumes I can't really justify buying it. It's such an elegant oriental sweet scent that reminds me of Avon Attraction Rush and Sensational. It has notes of champagne, back currant, Italian mandarin, jasmine, vanilla orchid, gardenia, vanilla, amber and white sandalwood. Obviously I adore al the base notes that gives it that powdery oriental sweet dry down which I love. Plus the bottle of this one is just gorgeous. 

Balea Milder Reinigungs Schaum 

Mateja has recently started usin it and loves it. I was willing to try it as well, because my skin can get dehydrated at winter. Thought I've noticed that's mostly when I go hard on acids and retinol. Anyway, I have tried it and after using it some time I got breakouts. I am not sure if it was related to this washing foam, but I stopped using it. I will reintroduce it now. Otherwise it's a fairly nice foam, which is very enjoyable to use. It leaves just the slightest layer on my skin. It definitely feels a bit more nourishing than my usual Balea Erfrischendes Wasch Gel which doesn't feel drying on my combination skin either. So I feel like if you have combination or oily skin, you'll love wash gel more and the foam might be for you, if you have drier skin. 

Balea Hydrogel Gesichts Maske Glowing Moments

This sheet mask was a gift from a friend and I didn't get the chance to try it out as well, but I definitely will. I post mini reviews of such products on my Instagram stories, so if you're interested in it, check back there. I think I still saw it in DM the last time I was there. I know DM changes these sheets masks often and some are more limited editions. It has some glycols, glycerin, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid right on the top of the list, so I have high expectations. 

Revlon Photoready Candid Antioxidant Concealer - 015 Light

I also saw this concealer at Mateja's and since I love Candid foundation, I thought I would try it as well. It's creamy formula which gives more of a medium coverage. You can build it up to a higher medium coverage. There is just something about it that doesn't sit right with me and on my skin for that matter. It sort of can look a bit obvious at times. I still haven't figured out why is that, so I'll try it out some more. Shade 015 Light is actually very yellow toned, which isn't my perfect match either, but you can blend it out well. It's probably best for those no foundation days, since it's a lighter medium coverage and you can sheer it out. 

Skintegra Infrared

Infrared is liquid serum which soaks in fast and leaves no noticeable layer on the skin. It's very lightweight with some amazing ingredients like azelaic acid, niacinamide, panthenol, Centella asiatica, madecassoside and many more. It's basically calming serum for skin prone to inflammation. Azelaic acid and niacinamide are great for brightening and calming down any redness and other ingredients help to nourish and calm down skin from any irritations or blemishes. This is perfect for anyone that has problems with blemishes, acne, rosacea or any other irritation. You can use it morning and night. I really like this for blemishes and keeping irritation levels of the skin low. I was amazed at how good this is at calming down redness. You apply this on a red spot and it immediately gets less red. This is perfect for preping the skin for makeup as well. Sometimes I get a bit of sting from azelaic acids, so I'm not sure if this would be appropriate for those with very sensitized skin.

Balea Men Augen Roll-On

I also saw this eye roll-on at Mateja's and since I used up my eye creams, I decided to get this. It's a very liquid refreshing almost serum for the eyes. This soaks in very fast and if you have dry skin around your eyes, you'll need to go in with a cream as well. This is water based with lots of glycerin and niacinamide. There is also some caffeine, hyaluronic acid and some oils. It's definitely something very lightweight which men would actually use. I like it, but I think it would suit me more in summer, because it's so light. I like to prep my skin with more moisturizing creams in the winter, even though my skin is combination, it can get dehydrated as well. 

Ikoo Infusion Thermal Treatment Wrap Color Protect & Repair Mask*

In December I received a lovely package from Lič and I've already tried most of the products. Ikoo has a few different masks. This one is for colored damaged hair. It's like a sheet mask, but for your hair. Pink thicker mask is inside a foiled turban which you put on your hair and leave it on to really soak in. This one has interesting herbal scent to it from lavender and juniper oil as well as basil extract which makes it smell sort of spa like. I wasn't sure how the mask would spread evenly on my hair, but it actually did. I have shorter hair than most though. It felt nicely soft while washing it off, but my hair didn't feel extra soft. I only noticed that the second day, after I hair dried it. The second and third day my hair felt lovely soft and seemed to be well moisturized. Lovely herbal scent of essential oils also lingers on your hair which makes for a fun experience. I wouldn't say the results were outstanding, but it definitely did something and my hair liked it. 

Lovely Curling Pump Up Henna Effect Mascara*

I haven't tried this yet, because I have many other mascaras currently open, but I will report back.

This one I already had before, so there is a full review of it already. But it's a nice drugstore highlighter.

Glov Moon Pads Reusable Makeup Remove Pad*

Reusable makeup remover pads are good for removing your eye makeup. They say you can use it with just water, but it takes time to remove it all, especially if you have long lasting makeup on. It takes some rubbing and even then it doesn't really impress me. I prefer my Bioderma with a cotton pad. I guess this would be better for someone on the go to remove makeup and change it or for any touch ups.

I already own this lip liner and it's definitely one of the longest lip liners I own. It's got that modern creamy texture which glides on the lips with ease and stays fairly well. It's also very affordable and I like it.

Wet n Wild Mega Last Matte Lip Color - Red Velvet*

I have so many red lipsticks and since this is matte formula, which can get drying on my lips, I decided to give it away to someone that will get more use out of it. You can read review of the formula here.

NYX Matte Finish Long Lasting Setting Spray*

I was most excited for this when I received the package. NYX is one of those brands that I like a lot of products and I feel like most have good quality. This is matte setting spray which has one of those basic mists. It isn't super fine, but you also don't get droplets all over your face. It has somewhat of an artificial scent, but it locks in makeup well and definitely prolongs the wear of it. I've noticed I don't get as shiny with it, but it also doesn't completely block out my sebum. I'll have to test it a bit more to completely makeup my mind, but so far I like it. 

Revolution Beauty Finding Balance Scented Candle*

Now this looks chic for Revolution Beauty. It's deep eggplant matte glass jar with metallic gold writing on it. I love the design. It's a lovely floral oriental scent. At first it can come up very fruity citrusy, but it sort of comes down to chic florals and that woody base. It actually has notes just like a perfume. Top notes of green daisy, pear, grapefruit, ginger, middle notes of tuberose, lily, calendula, violet, jasmine and base notes of cedarwood, sandalwood and musk. I already have it burning and I have to say this is more sophisticated than I am used to with Revolution Beauty.

Bronx Matte Lip Tint - Cashmere*

I already have this in the shade Naked. It's one of those very liquid lipstick formulas which dries down to a completely matte finish which is drying on my already dry lips. Pigmentation is great and this lasts on your lips like crazy. Naked is a more cooler pinkc shade which actually doesn't suit me at all. Cashmere is that kind of shade that I really like. It's brownish nude with a hint of warm peach to it. I love the shade and I might use it as liquid blush, I am not sure yet. 

Wet n Wild lipstick and lip liner are the same as the package from Ličila.

Hair Wonder Hair Repair Conditioner Daily Care*

It's daily conditioner that can be used on all hair types. It's thicker texture, but it feels lightweight. Scent is fairly natural, not added fragrance. I actually liked it. It seemed to be a bit too lightweight at first, but it definitely made my hair softer, easier to comb through and I felt like it moisturized and nourished them well too. It's a descent conditioner. 

SVR [A] Ampoule Lift Smoothing Concentrate, Retexturizing, Anti-wrinkle*

I've had tester of this and now I get to test a full size product. I immediately fell in love with milky serum texture that spreads with ease, is very smooth and feels just enough moisturizing and nourishing. I love how retinol in this is paired with nicely moisturizing ingredients like glycerin and squalane. It also contains some vitamin C, peptides, oils and shea butter. 0.3% of retinol is just enough to make me see a difference in my skin, but doesn't give me irritation. If I use this every single day, it can make my skin more sensitized, so I use it every other day. It all depends on how used you are to retinol. This is really one of those very pleasant formulas with retinol which doesn't just feel one sided. There is lots of supporting ingredients that help to calm down retinol effects. When I use this regularly I notice my skin texture feeling smoother in general. This is also great for helping with blemishes as it regenerates the skin faster to make it heal quicker. 

Uriage Xemose Lipid-replenishing Anti-irritation Cream*

Xemose is Uriage range for very dry and atopy-prone skin. It contains emollient products to give your skin that long lasting comfort. As atopic skin sufferer I was immediately intrigued by this cream as I have read so many comments saying it helped others with their dermatitis. I know a cream is the last step at helping with your skin problems, but findig one that suits you can also be hard. This is lovely white cream which seems tick at first look, but is very easy to spread. It leaves a bit of shine and nicely moisturizing and nourishing layer on the skin which doesn't feel heavy or super thick, but it still stays on for longer time and protects your skin. It's mineral oil based with shea butter, glycerin, squalane and oils liek borage seed oil which is great for atopic skin. It's that basic barrier protecting cream that will protect your skin from further drying out which also means your skin won't get as easily irritated. I love this cream and will definitely repurchase it.

Avon Creme Legend Lipstick - Adore

I have this in shade Iconic and since I loved the formula so much, I knew I would get more. Adore is more of neutral brownish nude compared to Iconic which is actually darker and more of that mauve pink nude. Both shades are very wearable. Formula is just amazing, so nicely creamy with a bit of sheen and that very modern comfortable feel on the lips. Avon really makes some amazing lipsticks.

Avon Planet Spa Aromatherapy - Beauty Sleep Pillow Mist, Calm Body Mist and Energise Body Mist

I've wanted to get a whole collection of these sprays for a while, but they were always expensive and I finally got the on sale. I already have older bottle of Beauty Sleep which is just one of the best comforting scents that you can spray on the pillow to give you that sleepy aromatherapy effect. It's very intense, so I prefer to use this as room spray. It contains lavender and chamomile essential oils, but I hate lavender and in this I smell more of chamomile. It's a very sophisticated blend.

Calm and Energise are supposedly body mists with essentials oils as well, but I love to use these as body sprays as well, especially for bathroom to give it that spa like feel. Calm is eucalyptus and mint so it's a very refreshing, but also a bit of sweet scent that just smells fresh. Energise is my least favorite as it's bergamot and lemon so a very fresh scent with citrus punch and strong case of bergamot. All three of these are great, but I especially recommend Beauty Sleep and Calm. Both of these are very sophisticated spa like scents.

Avon Planet Spa Radiance Ritual - Liquid Gold Face Mask, Foil Face Mask and Rose Luminous Face Serum*

I've tried both face mask and serum, but I haven't tried foil face mask yet. Liquid Gold Face Mask is one of those transparent masks with gold shimmer which dries down to a peel off mask and you can peel it off in pretty much one layer, if you apply enough mask. I never see any difference with these kind of masks, like I do with clay masks which actually clean my skin, but it's a very fun one, if you can get it at an affordable price. This is pampering to me, as it looks really nice, it's fun to peel off and has very strong oriental scent to it. I think it's a bit too strong as it can sting your eyes as you're applying it on. But it's one of those oriental scents which smells borderline a bit masculine, I like it though. 

Rose Luminous Face Serum is a very basic oil serum. It contains sesame seed oil, paraffin, sunflower seed oil and rose oil. It's scented and has a lovely gentle sort of sweet powdery oriental scent. I like the scent a lot. But in general this is just a blend of oils and it's fairly lightweight. It doesn't feel heavy or too greasy on the skin, though I probably wouldn't use this in the summer, but for the winter this is a good last step of my skin care routine. I like it, it's very basic, but nice. It makes my skin softer and seals in moisture well.

I love to use this, because it's very light in color and I usually mix other foundation into it to get more of a neutral to warm tone, because this is very grey toned. I already have one mini size and I have repurchased it. It's just big enough to last me one or one and a half seasons, because in the summer I get some tan and use darker bases. It's one of my favorite formulas of all time. 

Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner

While I was in Missha store, I also wanted to get my favorite COSRX BHA Skin Returning A-Sol, but they were sold out. So I saw this one by Benton at a cheaper price and just got it on a whim. It's basically aloe vera water with hyaluronic acid, snail mucin and salycilic acid. I expected it to be liquid like a proper toner, but it's actually like a very liquid serum. Basically, like if you would mix classic toner with snail mucin. There is no sliminess to it, but it has a bit of grip that isn't just liquid. It's slightly muted colored and feels a bit more nourishing than a classic toner. I guess aloe vera gel texture is the one that actually moisturizers the skin and lingers on it. As far as comfort goes this is lovely formula, it sits well on the skin, doesn't feel stripping and is actually quite gentle. I fear though it's too gentle for me. I am used to the COSRX sting and I have a feeling like it works better, but I haven't use this long enough to say that, so I'll report back. It's definitely one of the more gentle versions of BHA for anyone that is afraid of a proper acid toner.

*PR products or products that were sent to me.

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