February 2021 Favorites

I was all about cream makeup and pampering in February. It's one of those winter months that is finally starting to get a bit sunnier, so I am sort of resetting my skin again with some actives and nourishing it in the process. 

SVR [A] Ampoule Lift 

This has quickly become one of my favorite retinol products. It's milky serum with 0.3% pure retinol. This combined with hydrators like glycerin, squalane and some oils and butters makes for such a comforting formula. It's like you're putting hydrating serum on, but because of retinol, it also makes my skin so much smoother. I noticed I can use it every other day and it doesn't irritate my skin. If I use it every day, I can get drier peeling skin. I like how comforting this formula is for something that contains retinol as it sort of soother effects of it, so you don't get those retinol side effects. Plus the percentage is smaller, so good for those that are still beginners with retinol. 

Skintegra Infrared

Another serum that has turned out to be so good for my skin. I use it every other day, interchanging with SVR ampoule. It's essentially soothing serum, perfect for sensitive skin as well. It has azaleic acid, niacinamide and my favorite Centella asiatica as well as madecassoside. It's pretty liquid serum. It soaks into the skin and feels like nothing. It makes my skin more even toned and feels very soothing in general. I think this is one of those serums you can't go wrong with. Niacinamide and azaleic acid are also great for rosacea prone skin.

I am my palest at the start of the year and usually I need much lighter foundations than through the year. I love Missha Perfect Cover B.B. Cream as it has the most perfect creamy texture that covers like a proper medium to full foundation, but looks and feels nourishing and moisturizing like skin care. I have mini version in shade 13 which usually gets me through one winter. I have just repurchased another one. Through the year I usually mix 21 with warmer foundations to get desired color and texture. This is one of the best BB creams, if you want something with coverage that doesn't look obvious and acts like skin care on the skin. The only problem is shade range, it's more suited for cool to neutral skin tones. 

I have mentioned on my Instagram how much I love using cream products lately. They give my skin much more natural finish. It might be my years or the fact that my skin can get a bit dehydrated in winter, but creams just look better at this time of the year. This is cream foundation that I received once and it was obviously too dark for me, but I use it as cream bronzer and it's perfect. Slightly warmer color matches my skin tone and I can build it up slowly to get light color or make it more opaque. Plus it also covers like foundation, so I sometimes skip foundation on bronzed parts all together. 

Zoeva 132 Luxe Powder Finish

For my creamy bronzer I use this brush by Zoeva which is the perfect size. It's just small enough for me to place bronzer exactly where I want it, it has tapered bristles so it blends with ease and it's just soft enough so that it doesn't pick up too much product. I love Zoeva brushes in general and this is another great one. Synthetic bristles are usually the best for cream or liquid products as they don't soak up the product. 

This is the best cream to powder highlighter for pale and light skin tone. It has amazing reflective shine which isn't shimmery at all. Color is champagne based, but with a cool silver sheen. It's got that putty creamy formula which blends best with fingers and can be sheered out or build up to proper opaque look. You can apply it over liquid or powder products and it applies evenly. I absolutely adore it and have a backup already. However, it's so light I can't use it when I have a bit of color or tan, because it's has such a cool sheen. 

In winter, this is my go to concealer. It has good medium coverage, never looks cakey, I don't need to keep building it up and it has sort of a natural matte finish. Plus the color 010 Light is actually light enough for my winter complexion. I keep coming back to it, because it's just fool proof for what I am looking for in a concealer. It's sadly available only in Bipa, which I have to go to Austria to buy and now I can't do that either. 

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip - Aquarius

For my cheeks I've been using liquid matte lipsticks. I apply tiny bit on a palette and work it into the brush then apply it on my cheeks. It's one of the most long lasting blushes which also looks very natural as far as texture goes. Aquarius from Colourpop is one of those brownish pink nude shades that I love so much. It's that muddy muted undertone that goes with pretty much any look. 

Uriage Xemose Lipid-Replenishing Anti-Irritation Cream 

It's nourishing and protective cream that soothes irritation, so it's pretty much perfect for allergy prone and atopic skin. In fact, I have read several rave reviews from atopic sufferers, so I was very intrigued to try it. It's thicker white cream, but one of those that has very smooth, silicon feel to it. It's mineral oil based with nicely moisturizing ingredients like glycerin, squalane and shea butter. It also has some oils, among which is borage oil, which is supposedly very good for giving the skin that barrier that atopic skin lacks. It leaves the skin with a slight sheen, but doesn't feel heavy, just moisturizing and nourishing enough that it doesn't soak in all at once, but still gives you that barrier to protect from external aggressors. I use it on my hands, where I have eczema and on my back where I have atopic dermatitis. So far, it turns out to be nicely moisturizing, nourishing and I love that it feels soothing. There is no added fragrance or any other unnecessary ingredients that may be irritating. 

Redken All Soft Heavy Cream Super Treatment For Dry/Brittle Hair

I forgot how good this hair mask is. I have about one use left, since I have been saving it for so long. It's way past due date, but I don't care. It still does its magic. It's like a slightly thicker cream which sticks to hair well. It makes my hair super soft. I have naturally fine hair, so this masks makes it even softer than it usually is. It makes my hair look moisturized, well nourished and it doesn't weigh them down. I can't stop touching my hair, that's how soft it is after using this. Plus it has lovely sort of woody sweet fragrance to it which lingers on the hair for a day or two. It's expensive, but worth a treat every now and then. 

Krem Koko 

I have turned my childhood hobby into a new passion. Anyone that knew me as a child, knows I was always in the art corner of kindergarten. It's not that I was born an artist, or that I am very good at it, but I always had passion for drawing and I liked doint it. Technology wise I am not the most savvy, I prefer good old paper. But there is another level of excitement when doing graphic art in modern age. I purchased graphic display and am now starting to play around with it. You can see my creations on Instagram as well as Facebook. You'll find me on both under @kremkokoart. If you enjoy this type of content, you can follow me there too. 


  1. I haven't seen that Max Factor foundation for years! I actually really rate their foundations and think they're so underrated!

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com

    1. It's a pretty old one for sure :D. I just like it so much as a bronzer, because it's so convenient to use. Big pot, I can swirl my brush in it and it's not too covering. I loved some of their foundations in the past as well, my only problem was that we never have light enough shades in my country. Such a shame.

  2. Sem sicer že pred enim tednom prebrala objavo, pa nisem komentirala, ker sem vmes začela skoraj vsako stvar googlat in sem se zamotila :D V glavnem zaradi tebe sem kupila Missha BB kremo, sicer ne tako kot imaš ti ker me mineralno olje malo skrbi, sem pa vzela novo RX verzijo, ki je prišla danes :). Mi je z zdaj všeč, naraven izgled, mogoče po 2 urah malo preveč šajni, ampak nisem dala pudra v prahu čez, da vidim naprej če ga sploh rabi. Sestavinsko pa super stvar, me je tvoja objava spomnila, da bi bila fino imet nek skincare + SPF + cover izdelek, ki vse to troje dejansko tudi je :) Odtenek pa 17, ki je ne sivkasta verzija 13 in mi super paše.

    Te tvoje slike so čudovite! Čisto vsaka mi je všeč :)

    1. Meni ko nekaj ustreza, potem se tako pičim v to, da ne upam niti nobenih drugih verzij preizkusiti. Sicer pa zakaj bi, če mi ta ustreza :D. Jaz jo kupujem še kar nekaj časa in če bi bil odtenek perfekten, bi samo to uporabljala. Mogoče poleti kaj bolj matirajočega. Se tudi jaz začnem svetit, ampak ok, jaz se res vedno svetim. Kljub pudru v prahu. Je pa fajn met tak multitasker, ki kar je meni najbolj ključno, izgleda boljše kot navadne tekoče podlage. Mogoče se bom pa opogumila še za tvojo verzijo, ko jo preizkusiš in preberem kako ti je všeč :).

      O hvala. <3 Očitno imava podoben okus za te zadeve :D.