Review: Revolution Pro 4K Highlighter Palette - Rose Gold

You know me, I love highlighters, so I'm always excited when I get new ones, even if they are similar to the ones in my collection. This time I tested one of the Makeup Revolution brands called Revolution Pro, which should be a more professional line. In the palette you get four shades that pretty much cover most skin tones.


It comes in a standard cardboard packaging with magnetic closing. I like these types of packaging the most, because it's easy to use. It can get really dirty though. 

In it you get 16 grams of product and the price is 11.99€ (Lič International readers can get it on Revolution Beauty for 9.99€.


It's slightly wet formula. As soon as you break in the top layer, you get a chunkier texture that has a bit of kick-up in the pan. But that's not a problem considering great pigmentation that it provides and it applies fairly smooth with a brush anyway. These highlighters have intense sheen, but there is no visible glitter in them. They are more of a metallic finish


In the palette you get four shades. There is a one shade for every skin tone, from very pale to dark. There is also a gold version available, if you would prefer these kind of tones.

1 - pale cool silver white
2 - light warm peachy champagne
3 - light warm champagne base with pink sheen
4 - medium warm orange peach with gold sheen

Shade 1 is very stark and very light. It also has the most noticeable shine. It's definitely too pale for my skin tone. I would use something like this to highlight my inner corners or apply it really sheer on top of those highlighted parts of the face.

Shade 2 is my absolute favorite shade. It has that perfect not too warm nor cool champagne base and lovely noticeable shine. This is much more wearable than shade 1.

Shade 3 has the least noticeable shine. It's got a very noticeable cool pink sheen which makes it look darker. That's why I don't use it as highlighter. For me it's perfect as a blush topper, because of the pink sheen.

Shade 4 is obviously too dark for me, but it would work on dark skin tones. For me this is a proper glowy blush. The sheen is also more subdued in this one than in shade 2 or 1. I can also use this as an eyeshadow and it looks nice. 


All of these stayed on my skin for the whole day without any major fading. I would say they are long lasting and the shine is very powerful.

Shade 1

Shade 2

Shade 3 (as highlighter) and 4 (as blush)

As far as the end result goes, this is great highlighter palette with an amazing strong almost metallic shine that leaves an impact. Formula could be more refined, smooth and have less kick-up in the pan, but who cares, as long as it performs well. And that it does. It stayed on my skin for the whole day and the shine is amazing. Color selection is wide, but you may not use all of the shades on your skin, because it's more suited for different skin tones. However, you can always use these shades as eyeshadows or blushes as well.

*Product was sent to me. 

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