Review: Morphe Brushes Standard Individual Eye Shadow - ES69 Starlight

I've had this eyeshadow for a year and a half, but I never wrote a review, so here it is. I love eyeshadows and I want to try as many different brands as possible to determine which I like the most. Eyeshadow palettes are good, but sometimes you want an individual shade to complete your selection of shades. 

Morphe Brushes eyeshadows come in a pan with a black paper packaging. In the pan is 1.5 grams of product and the price is 2.29$ on Morphe site. I bought it on Beauty Bay and at the time it cost me only 2.70€, because it was on sale. The size of eyeshadows is comparable to pressed shadows by Colourpop, but cheaper in prize.

At the time these shadows were on sale and most of the shades were already gone, so I chose the one colorful shade that I thought I would wear and I definitely like having it in my collection. Especially for summer time. ES69 Starlight is a shimmery medium warm yellow gold shade. It's on the darker side and it has a bit of that muddy ochre yellow tint to it. I would almost say it's more yellow than gold.

It's actually a unique shade in my collection. I don't have anything similar, so I didn't compare it to anything. Most of my golds are more subtle and not nearly as yellow toned. 

Formula of this shade is a bit wet to the touch and the pigmentation is actually really nice. With one swipe the shade is slightly sheerer, but as soon as you apply a second coat over it, it gets fully opaque. It looks quite intense on the eyes and has a lovely sheen.

It reminds me the most of my shimmery shades from Too Faced, but those have a lot more wetter formula. Morphe is a lot drier compared to Too Faced, but the pigmentation is quite similar.

I can wear this the whole day and it doesn't crease with eye primer underneath and doesn't noticeably fade either. I have to say the quality is definitely amazing for the price. I've heard that Morphe eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes are really popular and I wanted to try at least one shade for myself. I've also read that apparently individual eyeshadows have better quality than palettes, but I wouldn't know that. They might have changed the formula since the last time I researched it.

I created a look with classic brown tones, but obviously you can go really colorful with it, especially now in the summer. 

I also used this eyeshadow in my Yellow And Purple Summery Eyes makeup look.

I really wanted to try out Morphe eyeshadows and it didn't disappoint me. The quality is definitely good. Pigmentation is really nice, it stays on the lid all day, applies easily and looks good. The price point is also amazing. I have a few eyeshadow palettes and I also buy individual shades that I don't already own, but don't want to buy a whole palette just for that one or two shades. So if you're like me, I would definitely recommend you checking out these. I was skeptical of the quality, but it's there.