August 2017 Favorites

August is my favorite month of the year, because that's usually when I go on my vacation by the sea. I'm a summer person more than anything. This month's favorites are summer colored. There's a lot of my summery must have products as well as some new products that I really enjoyed using. 

Fa Coconut Milk Shower Gel and Avon Senses Sunny California Glow Shower Gel

This one from Fa is not a proper coconut scent, but it definitely had that coconuty paradise scent to it. Obviously I love it for the scent, because I love coconut and the milky gel is not bad either. It leathers well and doesn't dry out my skin. Another favorite shower gel scent of this month is California Glow from Avon which is a very tropical scent. It kind of reminds me of mandarins, but it's a bit more exotic tropical scent. I love the tangerine color of it and it's a more milky consistency, leathers well and isn't drying. I hate their openings, because they are so hard to open. So I just leave it open, instead of trying to break my nails whenever I want to shower. 

Avon Skin So Soft Silky Moisture + Argan Nourishing Dry Oil Body Spray

This is exactly what it claims to be, a dry oil for body. I like it because of the convenience. It's so quick and easy to just spray it on your body and spread it a bit. It soaks in well and doesn't leave a too greasy finish, but it's still very shiny. It's nourishing well, but not too heavy. I don't like the scent, because it's somewhat artificial. It might be the argan oil, which I don't like the scent of. Second ingredient is alcohol and you definitely notice it as soon as you spray it, but then there's also oil in it, which prevents it from drying out the skin.

I have a regular version of this oil which is almost finished and I'm seriously debating getting it - because the price is just a lot (even though it lasts a long time). In the summer I love their Or version, because it contains small golden shimmer which makes your skin look so nice. I usually don't apply it on my body on its own, because it can be too much. Instead I mix it in with my regular body moisturizer and it gives you such a nice glow. It's especially pretty over a bit of tan. The scent is also divine. Kind of nutty and oriental. I have a review of it here

I've already wrote a whole review of it here. It's a hair color that you can use to add highlights to your hair in that natural balayage way. I love the results I got with it. That perfect sun kissed highlights that match my color well. I also didn't notice any major damage which was a plus. It looks so perfect for summer and I recommend it to those that have already experimented with hair coloring at home. 

I also have a review of this here. On the photo is my second bottle, because the first one is already half empty and the label has come off. It's one of those really lightweight oils that smells lovely of grapes and does its job. It removes my face makeup well and doesn't leave my skin greasy nor drying. I really like it. 

I've been relaying on this face sunscreen whenever I go on a vacation. It's the only face cream so far that I've tried that really protects me from the sun and almost doesn't get me tanned at all. I do get just a tiny bit of color, but in general this has some amazing SPF power. In the summer I always look like a ghost on my face and then my body is a lot darker - like 4 shades darker than my face. It's a bit awkward to walk around without any foundation like that, but I value my skin on the face so much more. The face is the first to show the signs of aging and I'm trying to avoid it from getting sun burnt. I obviously apply SPF on my body too, but I use SPF 30 and somehow always get tanned (in spite of applying it almost every hour - oh the joy of greasiness when you're getting in the sea, I bet shark couldn't grab me, because I'm so slippery). I have a review here

My Beauty Diary - Black Pearl Brightening Mask

I bought this because Mateja liked it so much. I finally tried it and loved it too. It has a thin mask that is well saturated and it feels kind of soothing. It has strong floral scent to it, but it doesn't seem to be irritating. I was surprised that it dries out faster than some of other sheet masks I've been trying out. Maybe it was my skin, it felt a bit dry these days. I loved how brightening it was. My skin tone was so much brighter and evened out. Even my discoloration around the mouth was gone. Unfortunately, it quickly came back after about an hour of using it, but I loved the mask in general. It felt nourishing, moisturizing and the brightening effect is really there. I'm probably going to order it again.

I realize I don't put some of my favorite products that I use most of the time in my monthly favorites. This palette would be in every favorites, because I just use it so much. It's my most used palette of this year and my absolute favorite. The quality is amazing - one swipe and you're good to go. Shade selection features mostly warm toned shades with a few pop out shimmery shades to some perfect mattes for the crease and blending out. I've already hit the pan with Universal Delight. It's my favorite crease shade. I have a full review of this palette with makeup looks here

Maybelline Lash Sensational is my favorite mascara of all time. I usually buy it in a black or intense black version (although I don't see much of a difference between these two to be honest). When I was in France, I mistakenly bought a brown version and finally started using it now. It's just as good as the black version. I love this formula and brush, because it gives you volume, a bit of length and above all it also gives you nice definition (I hate clumpy mascaras). The brown color is like a grey brown, just slightly lighter than black. I love brown eyeliners, especially for summer and fall and now I love pairing it with this brown mascara. It's just slightly less intense and makes the look a bit more subtle and romantic. I have a review of black version here

This is one of Essence's newest fall and winter products. It's like a mousse eyeshadow in a lip gloss packaging with sponge applicator. This shade is a taupe based purple with lots of silver shimmer, which almost looks glittery, if you apply it lighter. I love glittery eyeshadows that don't crease and stay on all day. This is just that. Recently I also bought a gold version, which is not as intense, but I like it too. Highly recommend you to check this out, if you like shimmery eyeshadows. Full review is here

I've been neglecting it, because I've mostly been using Becca's Moonstone. But as soon as the summer comes around, this baby is out. It's one of the best champagne gold highlighters that gives you a lovely shine, lasts a long time and just looks perfect for the summer. It's one of my favorite highlighters ever. A full review is here

I've hit the pan on this. I'm shocked. It wasn't even that long ago that I bought it. It just means I really like it. Bronzer is like a sunscreen for me in the summer. An absolute essential and I use a ton of it. Especially when I'm trying to match my face to my body in the summer. It's my favorite to use, because it gives you a natural sheen, has the perfect warm toned color for my skin tone and lasts well on the skin. I also like the tropical scent, which is a bit artificial, but still nice. Full review of it is here

If August was a color, it would be Lady Danger. I've been using this color so much. It's my all time favorite red, as it has an obvious orange tone to it. It just matched my warm yellow skin tone so well and I like the matte formula as well. It's not too drying and it looks absolutely perfect with a basic bronzed or golden eye look. Full review is here

This is my new colorful favorite nude. Usually my nudes are very brown toned, but this is a perfect colorful version. It's more pink toned, but also slightly dirty based, like a peach and brown undertone. Basically a great mix of all three shades - pink, brown and peach. It will suit many different skin tones and I love it when I want something subtle, but slightly colorful. This is also my favorite matte lipstick formula as it glides on like a dream and doesn't feel drying. Full review is here

Medulin (Croatia) - Park Plaza Belvedere Hotel

This month I've also been on a vacation by the sea. Me and my boyfriend decided to go to Medulin this year. The hotel was amazing. Great rooms, great service and friendly staff. They also had two outdoor pools and one indoor pool with salty water, which is essential to me, even though I spent most of the days on the beach and in the sea. I am definitely a summer person and if I could, I would live by the sea. Ah... maybe some day. I enjoy listening to the sea, swimming, snorkeling, reading a good book and relaxing my mind by not having to think about anything. It's a true therapy, not only for my mind, but also for my skin. I have had skin allergies since I was four and I recently also got eczema. There is no better therapy for skin allergies than a lot of salty water. Truly, it's the only thing that helps me more than any cream on this Earth. One day we also went to see Kamenjak, which is a national park. We went on the spot were there is cliff jumping. It's a stunning natural beach with high cliffs. If you're near there, definitely go see it. 


  1. Really want to try the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer and that Zoeva palette looks amazing too!

    Carolina's Makeup Life

    1. I am loving the bronzer so much. Never knew it would be one of my all time favorites. If you like warm toned bronzers with a natural sheen, I'm sure you love it :). Zoeva palettes are my favorite eyeshadow palettes in my collection. The quality is amazing and they're not even that expensive.

  2. Vsakič se ustavim pred L'Orealovim Colorista stojalom in si ogledujem to Balayage verzijo. I wish I had the guts, ampak me je tako strah, da bi se mi uničili lasje. Že tako so suhi. Na tebi je super izpadlo :)

    No, me veseli, da ti je bila Black Pearl maska tako všeč :) Te nekatere azijske maske, sploh brightening verzije so pravo čudo. Te, ki se dobijo pri nas so vse bolj ko ne samo vlažilne.

    1. Jaz sem tudi imela pomisleke. Ampak zdaj mi ni žal. Niso grozno uničeni lasje, ampak jaz sem že navajena na stranke učinke rednega barvanja :). Vsaka barva še dodatno izsuši suhe lase. Vsaj malo. Hvala :).

      Ja očitno so te brightening verzije res take, da vidiš učinek. Vsaj začasno. Pri hidraciji je to manj opazno, ampak mi tudi tiste niso slabe. Odvisno kaj bolj potrebujem :).

  3. Such a beautiful posts. The eyeshadow palette of Zoeva looks so amazing. I always wanted to try one but still haven't. Essence brought out some really good products... the quality is getting always better and better! :3

    xx Monia ♡

    1. I can't seem to put it down. It just has my kind of shades and I love the mix of mattes and shimmery. Zoeva are my favorite eyeshadow palettes, so I plan on getting more when they come out with more shade selections. The quality is really nice, I recommend ;). I agree, Essence quality is getting better from season to season. And they're so affordable :)