October 2016 Favorites

Yet another month has passed. This one seemed the most fallish and I've been enjoying watching warm colors of nature. I've also been testing some new products and a lot of those ended up being in my monthly favorites. 

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant

Cold weather is definitely here and my lips are feeling it. I have those kind of lips that quickly get dry. I've noticed that it also has to do with how much I drink through the day, but nonetheless, heating and wind are not the best combination for me. This cream is the only product that I've been loyal too and that I feel can prevent major chapped lips. If your lips get chapped, this won't cure them over night, but it's the best product for maintaining lips in the best condition. I use it through the day, at night and in the morning. 

Trend It Up Powder Blush 010

I've already talked about the shade 050 and I like it so much, that I both two more shades. One of those being this lovely peach shade. It's the most my kind of shade of blush and I like the satin finish. Most of my peachy blushes are actually shimmery or a bit pinkier, but this one is an orange based peach and I adore it. It looks especially pretty paired with warm fall eye shades.

Ebelin Powder Brush

DM had some offers on their Ebelin brand and I decided to try some of their brushes. Their lip brush is my favorite lip brush. Powder brush is so soft. It has tapered bristles and it's the perfect size for lightly dusting powder on your face. I don't like huge powder brushes, because you don't have any control with those. This one would be just as amazing for applying blush (like Real Techniques Blush Blush). 

Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Quad - Smokey Blue and Smokey Brown

I've also got some new Avon eyeshadows and since this month has been all about the glitter, I've loved two glitter shades from these two palettes.  Shade 1 from Smokey Blue is a white based, a bit transparent shade, with bright blue glitter. I love applying this over other shades to add sparkle. I've also been liking shade 4 from Smokey Brown, which is a dark brown with coppery warm glitter. I like a bit of brown smokey eye with the shimmer. Smokey eye can sometimes look boring and glitter makes it more interesting. It's also rare to find glitter shades, because most of them are shimmery.

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

I got this, because most people said that it's aa Urban Decay Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion dupe. Since I have that one too, I wanted to compare them. So far, I love it. It works pretty much the same. This one has a bit more pinkish base, but it blends into nothing, because it's a thinner formula and doesn't leave behind any color. It makes eyeshadows blend easily and it also makes them long lasting, which is all I can ask from it.

Clio Kill Brown Waterproof Brush Liner

This is a fun story. I accidentally ordered brown shade instead of black. Typical me. I actually ordered black again and they screwed up my order and sent me foam applicator instead of the brush version. I was so mad, because I only got a half refund back. Now I ordered black brush version again and hopefully they don't screw me over again. Anyway, I wasn't that mad about the brown one, because I actually love brown liner, especially for the fall. I've never had a liquid brown version and I've been loving it. It's not as pigmented as black and you need to go over the line a few times, but I love brush applicator and the shade is perfect for warmer and less harsh looks.

Trend It Up Ultra Slim Kajal in 020

I've already said in the review that I've been using it for brows. It's all I've been wearing on my brows this month. I love super slim and precise tip and the fact that I can fill in my bold spots. Once it dries, it stays on for the whole day. The shade is great for my current hair color. It's a really lovely product, if you want something precise to actually draw on your skin where you're missing the hair.

Avon Gel Shine Nail Enamel - Marmalady and Stonewashed

Fall selection of Avon Gel Shine Nail Enamels is right up my alley. I love green and orange shades. Two shades that stood out to me the most and that I have to mention in my favorites are Marmalady and Stonewashed. Maramalady is the most unique dirty orange brown shade. It looks like an apricot jam. I've also been enjoying wearing Stonewashed, which is a grey based shade with olive mixed in it. It's a lovely muted olive.

Avon Naturals Escape Coconut & Starfruit Shower Gel

This is totally unseasonal and I should have taken this out in August, but I love it now. It smells very tropical - definitely not like a coconut. I don't know how starfruit smells, but I would bet it smells most like it. It's refreshing and sweet and it brings me back to holidays. Formula is like a regular transparent shower gel, nothing special. It's the scent that I love.

Avon Life Eau de Parfum

This perfume has been made in collaboration with famous fashion designer Kenzo Takada. I've already had some Kenzo perfumes in the past and I was intrigued to find out how this one smells. I mostly remember Kenzo scents having that powdery feel to them, which I love. This one is a lot more floral than I thought it would be. I've said it before that I'm not a fan of floral scents, but the oriental base in this scent made me love it. I like it when it's been on my skin for a while and when the initial floral burst wears off. Then it because a more sophisticated and very elegant oriental base. It's one of those scents that I wear when I want to feel super grown up and elegant. Not too powerful or invasive, but a very classic scent. 


This month has been all about glitter. I feel like it has obsessed me a little. I've made two Halloween makeup looks and they both had lots of glitter. Who doesn't like glitter?! I bough a pack of about 16 glitter shades in Kik. It was last year and I didn't find it this year. Every glitter was packed in a small bag and the whole pack of glitter only cost 1€, which was a bargain. I depoted these into small lip balm like pots. It's a lot more useful and it looks so much prettier. I'm definitely going to use them in some other projects as well.

My favorites are also both of my Halloween looks - Glamorous Ghost and Galaxy Skull. It's been so fun creating unconventional makeup looks and using more free spirit applications. It's the one time of the year that you can try something fun and it's still appropriate to post on blog. There's been so much inspirational YouTube videos and images on Instagram, that I had to create something myself and I love both looks. 


  1. Krasni favoriti :) Ti moram povedat, da sem kupila Trend it up blush in je popoln <3 Hvala, brez tebe ga ne bi niti pogledala. Mi je všeč, da ni čisto isti kot Nuts About you pa še lep šajn ima. 010 izgleda čisto tvoj odtenek :)

    Ta Ebelin čopič je pri nas? Ker v soboto ga nisem videla v našem DM-u.

    Wow kok bleščic za 1 €! To pa je deal. Fantastične looke si naredila z njimi :)

    1. O super, me veseli, da ti je všeč :D. Se mi je zdel, da bo tak tvoj odtenek. Meni je tudi všeč ta shine, ki ga ima, ampak je dejansko brez nekih vidnih bleščic. Izgleda ful naravno.
      Ah ja, jaz bi vse peachy imela :).
      Ja pri nas sem ga kupila. Mogoče ga je ravno zmanjkalo.
      A ne? To je bil res deal. Še enih 5 odtenkov imam v drugih posodicah. Škoda, da letos več tega niso imeli. Po navadi dobiš za 1€ kakšne štiri odtenke.
      Hvala :) <3

  2. Jaaa, Life perfume je tudi meni fantastičen. Na začetku se mi je zdel čisto običajen, potem pa sem ga začela vsak dan bolj in bolj uporabljati... pa tudi obstojen je <3

    Mah z bleščicami si itak mojstrica!

    1. V moji izbirki izstopa. Je skoraj peveč grown up, ampak mi je všeč :). Večina Avonovih je meni precej dobro obstojnih. Se najdejo tudi izjeme.

      Hvala :) <3

  3. Ta oranžen avonov lak, mi kar ne da miru:). Sami super favoriti. Js v Kiku al pa Tediju velik dobrih reči za malo denarja najdem in tele bleščice so ble res dober deal.

    1. Ta oranžen je res en izmed letnih favoritov letos. I love it so much :). Sploh en govori...jaz sem preveč tam. Je včasih še celo bolj zanimivo kupovat kot kozmetiko. Kakšne malenkosti tu in tam, da polepšajo sobo :).