Plaid Nails

Plaid shirts are synonym for fall. They look simple and go with everything. I have a collection of few at home and was wondering how plaid would look like on my nails. Straight lines are the hardest for me to achieve, because I don't use stencils or nail tape and I can't draw straight line for the life of me. But I actually like this look on my nails, so I decided to post it in all its imperfection.

For base colors I chose an array of typical fall shades. I applied different color on each nail polish. Here I used Avon Gel Shine Nail Enamels in: Jaded Sky, Pined-Perfection, Stonewashed Clay, Marmelady and Rouged Cider.

The rest of the design is pretty much all straight lines. I did them with a stripping nail brush. If you're even worse in creating straight lines than I am, I suggest using nail tape or just regular tape and peeling it off before the nail polish dries up.

I took shades that were similar to the base color and created a wider cross. I alternated were two lines met on different nails. On some, cross was a bit upper, some lower, on the side, in the middle and so on. Then I used white nail polish (Gel Shine Nail Enamel - Iceberg White) and added another two lines inside of the cross, but this time making them thinner. 

I decided to pair all design with another cross of gold nail polish (Avon Magic Effects Molten Metal  Nail Enamel - Gold). This cross I tried to position opposite of the previous one.

Then I applied regular top coat (Avon Gel Shine Lasting Finish Top Coat) to seal the design. If you apply top coat too quickly, it can smudge the design. Be patient and wait a bit. Especially, if you applied thicker coats of nail polishes. 

Because shiny just didn't look as pretty as I thought, I went over it with a matte top coat (Kiko Matte Effect Top Coat). Interesting what a difference finish can make. It looks so much more interesting and flat, like a shirt. 

I like this look for a bit of color in the fall. It can look very interesting, but it's not hard to do, if you have some patience. There's no actual drawing involved, just adding some lines all around your nail.