L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim eyeliner (Intense Black)

Hey Beauties!

This is one of my favorite eyeliners. I've been using it for quite a while and I love how easy it is. It's the L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim eye liner in Intense Black. I've used L'Oreal Super Liner Ultra Precision eyeliner and Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner before and you can read how I liked these. I am always searching for better eyeliner and right now, it's this Super Liner.

I actually don't know how much of the product is in it, but it costs around 9€, but I got it for 7.72€ on sale. I've had it since the mid of August and it still has a lot of product in it. I've been using it almost every day.

It's the usual felt tip eyeliner with a sponge tip. Black plastic pencil that has a nice secure top. I think the tip is pretty thin, although it's never as thin as on the brush eyeliners. The tip gets a bit less pointy after time, but nothing too bad. It has enough product, although it sometimes doesn't penetrate all the way through the end to the very tip of it. 

The shade is called Intense Black and it's definitely black. Not as intense as with the liquid liners, but still a very good black. As you may see in the photos below, it is pretty precise. I don't think you can get a really thin line, after a while, because like I said, the tip is not saturated enough with the product, but you can definitely create a beautiful fairly thin line

The thing that bothers me is, the more you go over the line, the more you smudge the intensity. If you apply one layer and then try to go over it with a bit more pressure, the result is concentration of the eyeliner color on the edges of the line, but the middle get's thinner in opaqueness. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. I guess you need to go over to get the full color of it and try not to press it down too much, while doing it, not to ruin the previous line. 

The formula is pretty fast drying. I will say this will smudge if you rub it or have hooded eyelids and on the lids creamy eyeshadow. I have experienced that with Maybelline Color Tattoos and this liner. The liner transferred to the top of my lid. Better to be used with powders than cream eyeshadows.

All that said, it is a very practical eyeliner. It's very easy to create the line and it dries fairly quick. I still use it in my everyday makeup and love it. Just wish the shade would be a bit bolder and more pigmented, but that would probably be better achieved with liquid eyeliners, which don't usually come in those very practical pencil shapes.


  1. It looks amazing on you. xx


  2. Super liner! Sicer ga uporabljam že kar nekaj časa od Collistarja ampak mislim, da bom tudi tega preizkusila =)


    1. Meni je zelo všeč. Trenutno moj najljubši, pa tudi najbolj praktičen za hiter natančen nanos:)