Tropical print summer nails

Hey Beauties!

Lately, I've been buying way too much summer wardrobe and I started noticing the so popular tropical prints. Now, I'm not big on prints on my clothes, but on my nails - always. I guess, to each his own. Today's nail art is inspired by one of the swimsuits from Asos. I found the print searching online for some interesting tropical themed prints, that I could recreate on my nails.

I decided to put tropical print only on two fingers and that's the middle and ring finger. I put as a base a black nail polish, with tiny blue glitter in it.

Then I used emerald green nail polish to create these palm like plants. I used orange nail polish to create a few orange flowers (please don't ask me which flowers are these, because I'm really bad with flower names). I added bigger flowers with pinkish red nail polish.

Then I continued to layer violet shade smaller flowers and after that a bit bigger daisies inspired white flowers. I finished with a top coat. 

I think the print is pretty easy and what makes a difference is layering those plants on top of each other. It doesn't need to be very precise, because I think the pattern allows the mistakes to still look pretty. Here's my original inspiration. 


On the thumb and index finger I put on the pinkish red nail polish that I used to make bigger flowers. On the pinky I just used a black polish, which was a base for the topical nail art. You can use any shade that was used in the tropical print. 

Do you like tropical prints? On your nails or clothes?

Products used:
Black - Revlon Blackest Black
Green - Catrice 10 I'm Not A Greenager
Orange - Revlon Siren
Pinkish red - Catrice 360 Raspberry Fields Forever
Violet - Bourjois 09 Lavande Esquisse
White - Yes Love 337
Yellow - Avon Lemon Sugar
Top coat - Seche Vite


  1. Vau, noro! Bi 100% trdila, da je tole nalepka, bravo! Upam, da ti dolgo zdrži! :)

    1. Oh, hvala:)) Jaz tudi:) Sicer je Seche Vite na vrhu, ampak se moram izogibati vode:)

  2. I like this look! Very pretty and perfect for the summer :D

    1. Thank you:) Yeah, I've been seeing these prints on summer clothes, so much:)

  3. Sem bila sigurna, da tole ni narisano! Super izgleda. :)

  4. Umetniško.. Tudi jaz sem mislila da je nalepka. Pa še tako zelo je podobno kopalkam... Super res!

  5. Čudovito (kot ponavadi)!<3