Review: Paul Mitchell The Conditioner

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Finally I have for you another hair product that I really like. I first heard of this product by Theodor Leaf on YouTube. He mentioned it a few times and always recommend it to his subscribers. I remembered it, googled and found it. I was so happy to also find a smaller size of this product, since I didn't wanted to spend a fortune on a product that I didn't know that well.

Starting with the packaging, which is plastic, small, pretty convenient and in order to get a product out, you have to pop the top and squeeze it out through a little hole. I admit there were times I squeezed out too much. Not the best packaging, but it will work.

It contains 100 ml and cost me 5.63 €. I bought it on Look Fantastic and even got a 10 % discount, which they always have on the site. Now it costs 6.88€. Of course you can also get bigger sizes.

Here are the ingredients.

You've probably heard of Paul Mitchell or his products. He is a famous hairdresser and his products are well respected by other fellow hairdressers. 

Paul Mitchell The Conditioner is a quickly absorbed leave-in moisturiser and conditioner that improves texture, reduces static and smoothes the surface of your hair, leaving it nourished and protected from the wear and tear of daily styling.
Moisturising conditioners and Paul Mitchell’s exclusive Activated Moisture Blend of awapuhi, balance moisture and prevent dryness, while wheat-derived conditioners smooth the surface and reduce static. The Conditioner features a unique water-based formula excellent for both skin and hair.
It's basically a leave-in conditioner. I've only had leave-in masks and sprays, but not a leave-in conditioner. I was surprised to read that this can also be used on the skin. What? I know, weird. I have not tried in on the skin, just to clear that out. As far as the hair goes - I love it! 

It's a light blue transparent greasy texture. Very balm like. It's very moisturizing. I apply it on wet hair, before hair drying. My hair really feels moisturized and what I like the best is that my hair looks nourished and the overall look of my split ends is great. It really helps with the whole appearance of the hair and it gives the moisture that lasts for about two days, sometimes less. Keep in mind that my hair is really dry. I also clean it every other day. I have to say that this product surprised me. If you're looking for a hydrating leave in product for your hair and you have very dry hair, I highly recommend it. Use it sparingly, because the smallest amount is enough. Bare in mind that it's pretty heavy in terms of balminess or oiliness of the product, but it didn't weigh down my hair or anything like that.  

I really like this product. Whenever I don't use it, my hair just doesn't look as nice as it did before. I also like that it's so easy to use. For anyone with dry hair, I highly recommend. Plus you can always buy the little version, if you're not entirely sure you'll like it.

What is your favorite leave-in product for the hair?

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