Valentine's Day Makeup & Nails

Hey Beauties!

Valentine's Day is here. I thought about joining Živa's Valentine Project from Nothin' Fancy. Really. So, I created a little makeup look and quick nail design. Valentine's Day is a great business day for flower and candy shops. I think it's important to love each other any day of the year. However, the Valentine's Day is a perfect excuse to get your bum up, go somewhere and enjoy you're loved ones. It's also an excuse to eat a lot of chocolate goodies and treat yourself, because you should love yourself first and then others. 

As for my makeup look, I wanted to accent the eyes, because they truly are a window to the soul. I think eyes are the sexiest part of your face and use eye shadows that will accentuate them. I always think purple goes well with my dark eyes, so I went for a soft champagne purple eye makeup, glowy cheeks and nude lips. 

For my nails I painted them red and pink. On one of them I drew lips and on the other two little hearts. Pretty simple and the colors are perfect for Valentine's.

Be happy today and treat your loved ones or yourself ;)


  1. Ful ti paše tale look in manikura je res krasna. :)
    In se strinjam, radi se moramo imeti celo leto. :D

  2. Uaaa, nohtki so res lepi :)

  3. Čudovita si, nohtki so pa res cute <3

  4. Čudovit look in manikura! :D

  5. So pretty :) In manikura je gorgeous :)

  6. Lepo je :) pa nohti so wau!

  7. The nails look very cute! :D
    I like this makeup look!
    Have a great Valentine's day/evening! <3

  8. Beautiful! Love your manicure :)

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