May 2024 Favorites

Skintegra Lunar Serum Concentrate

I have already used this up. It was such a nice lightweight hydrating and plumping serum with lots of peptide and hyaluronic acid. I love how lightweight the formula is, because I can layer it under everything and it's never too much. This would be perfect for any skin type and I can see this being especially nice for combination or oily skin. My only downside is only 15 ml of product. I used this up fast. It should be at least 30 ml.

I have almost used up yet another tube of this SPF. It's one of my favorite Asian SPFs, because it's that very lightweight gel cream consistency that is perfect for winter and those gloomy days, when the sun is not that harsh, but you still want some SPF on your face. It has no scent, so I find it very soothing for my skin. It's great under makeup as well. 

Catrice Sun Melted Cream Bronzer - 020 Beach Babe

This truly is a lovely cream gem from the drugstore. It's creamy, but almost turns powdery on the skin and I find I can apply it over powdered skin as well, if I use tapping motion instead of swiping. It has nice bronze shade that is warm, but not orange and the shade is light enough that I don't need to do much blending, but it still adds some definition to my face. I really like it and it's just so easy to use and blend. 

Maybelline Build-A-Brow Brow Pen - 262 Black Brown

I can't believe, but I think this is my new favorite brow pen. It has even sharper tip than the NYX Lift & Snatch Brow Pen and it doesn't bleed like the NYX one does after a while. I mostly love it, because the finish is not as shiny and as transparent as NYX. And I find the color Black Brown is more of a perfect match for my brows when they are colored. Plus the clear brow gel on the other side isn't bad either. I find that it does hold the brows for a bit, though it wouldn't be for unruly or thicker brows. 

La Roche-Posay Lipikar Baume AP+M

Lotion for atopic and eczema-prone skin which I also have on my body, but especially on my hands. Now I don't like to use it on my eczema hands, because they are quite sensitive to any creams and I find that shea butter is not one of those ingredients that agrees with it, which this one has. But it's perfect for the body. It's a thicker cream so it forms a nice soothing layer on the skin and it does good job of moisturizing. There is no additional scent to it, so it's perfect for sensitive skin. Plus I love it has pump, because it's so easy to apply as soon as you step out of the shower.

Skinlick Hair Hero Hair Mask

It's a nourishing mask for colored hair that has heat damage as well as dry ends. It protect the hair from splitting with its many amino acids and it also contains amodimethicone. This is apparently one of the newer silicones that makes the hair smooth and nourished, but doesn't weight them down. It's cream like consistency, not too thick. I find that it does a great job of nourishing, detangling and smoothing my hair. But it's not one of those super slippery masks, so I find there is still some volume left in my hair. They don't look flat is what I am trying to say. The mask has such a nice scent, which reminds me of the beach. It's a floral powdery scent made of different notes just like perfume. Base notes: musk, sandalwood, vanilla. Middle notes: amber, iris, peach, rose. Top notes: almond, jasmine, ylang ylang. The scent linger on the hair and I love it. If there's one place where I love scent, it's in my hair products. 

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