April 2024 Favorites


CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion

CeraVe is known for their ceramide focused skincare. I have tried a few product from them and this one is my most used. Probably because of that handy pump. I have it on my desk and can easily squeeze some out to moisturize my hands through the day. It's that velvet finish that sinks in fast, doesn't feel greasy, but still feels moisturizing and gives your skin that protective layer, that makes it a really nice cream. Going into warmer months I can see this being my favorite daily hand moisturizer. Ceramides are great to keep your barrier on the skin healthy and protected which I always need as someone with eczema and very dry and easily irritated skin.

Skinfairytale Zincbalm

This is from Slovenian skincare brand that has put its focus on creating skincare for various skin issues. I use Zincbalm, because I have problems with dyshidrotic eczema. This is the type of eczema at which you develop small bubbles filled with liquid which feel very itchy and once you pop them, the skin is cracked and stings. Zinc is a great natural ingredient that helps to dry out those bubbles as well as healing them. I use this also on blemishes. It's a thicker white cream which will leave that white zinc layer on the skin, so it's best used at night or at home. But it's a real saver with my eczema and I like that it speeds up my drying process.

I am convinced LED light therapy is one of the best things you can get for your skincare. Probably one device that I would advise anyone with skin to purchase. I use it on my face, on my hands and even on my scalp. When I use it regularly I can definitely notice brighter, more even skin tone, less blemishes and more plumper look as well as texture. It basically works on different light wavelengths to help your skin at a cell level. It's the one skincare ritual I actually stick too and I can't imagine not having it in my routine. 

Lamel BB Contour and Blush (401 Taupe and 401 Tea Rose)

I know I talked about these two already, but they are in my favorites again, because I have been using them so much. There is just something about cream products with me lately. It's so easy to apply and blend, looks much more natural than powders and it gives you that effortless look that isn't too done up. This is an affordable makeup, but so nice. Pigment is amazing and the colors are perfect. Contour is that proper grey toned, perfect for light skin tones and blush is that peachy coral shade. I actually got another shade Pink Blossom, but contrary to the name it's not pink, it's actually more peachy than this one. Nice one too, but I was expecting more of a pink color. 

You know when you use really volumizing mascara and then at some point it starts to look clumpy and you are done with it. The lashes just don't look separated and you hate applying it. That's when I always change up my mascara and go back to my all time favorite Maybelline Lash Sensational. They have many versions, though I can't see much difference. This is my favorite mascara, because it just separates the lashes, gives them definition and a bit of volume. But mostly it never looks clumpy. There is no fallout and it doesn't transfer. I would love just a tad more volume, but it's still the best out of the ones I have tried so far. 

Catrice Melting Kiss Gloss Stick - 050

It's very rare that I finish lipstick and I did with this one. Though technically this is almost like a gloss/lip balm type of product. It's so creamy, feels like lip balm, but has the shine of a lip gloss. The color 050 is perfect everyday nude with a brick brownish tone. I usually define the lips with a bit of lip liner and than slap this one. Whenever my lips feel dry through the day I just apply this on top and I get a bit of color, but all the nourishing juicy feels of a lip balm. Perfect formula for those of us with dry lips that just want a flush of color. I already repurchased it.

Lamel Long Lasting Lip Liner 407

Another two Lamel product that I have tried and I really like. Lip liner is that ultra creamy and smooth formula that just glides on the lips. It gives you fully opaque look in just one swipe, so it's best for those that know how to line in one go, because the more you go over it, the darker the color becomes. It's so smooth that you don't need any pressure to apply it. Color is like a cooler light brownish pink nude. It lasts well on me, but then again I have dry lips so everything stays on me well. 

Lamel Long Lasting Kajal Eye Liner 402

This is the same formula as lip liner - super creamy, opaque and very pigmented. It gives you a bit of play time to smudge it, but once it sets, it doesn't move. It didn't transfer on my usually greasy lids and it doesn't fade through the day either. I like these creamy formulas, because I can also create that perfect wing with a brush and it gives me some playtime. The color is dark chocolate brown.

Shein Makeup Brushes

These are two random makeup brushes from Shein that I got and I've grown to really like. I have a few very expensive brushes and I love those, but sometimes I need just a regular synthetic brush that isn't that complicated and I always try some very affordable ones. The upper one has longer, but soft and fluffy bristles. I find it perfect for applying very pigmented powdery blushed or contour, because it's so soft and fluffy that it doesn't pick up too much product. The bottom one looks like a dupe of a certain Sephora brush, but it has a round shade that is cut from the side to really fit that face contour. I love it for applying cream or liquid products. It doesn't deposit too much product and you can tap it to blend it in. Sometimes I find great brushes that are super cheap. 

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