Review: Too Cool For School Artclass by Rodin Shading - Modern

Too Cool for School is Korean brand. I remember it being on the scene since I started gaining interest in Asian skin care. It's a staple brand in my eyes and it has been around for years. They have makeup as well as skincare. Artclass is just one of their makeup ranges. It's inspired by classic atelier and art. 


It comes in a plastic round packaging. It's well made and sturdy. Inside there are three colors in three stripes, but you can mix them all together. Design looks quite artistic and rustic at the same time. 

In it is 9.5 grams of product and I got it for around 11€.


Artclass by Rodin Shading is one of those contours that was on the scene way before contouring was made popular by Kim Kardashian, so it's an old product that has been around for a while. 

It's a very soft fine powder that has slight bit of sheen to it which makes it blend like a dream. I would say pigmentation is good, but not too strong so it can be built up. 


It comes in two shades Classic and Modern. Classic is slightly warmer and Modern is cool grey toned

I choose Modern, because I like my contour to be cool toned. Grey based contours imitate those natural shades that you may have on the skin and if I want to contour my face, I want it to look as natural as possible. Even though I have a more olive to warm skin tone. 

The three shades in Modern palette are Pale Beige, Neutral Cool Brown and Cool Brown

Pale Beige - really fair cool beige tone
Neutral Cool Brown - light neutral brown
Cool Brown - light cool grey toned brown

This is the perfect contour palette for fair to light skin tones. It's almost too pale for my skin tone. I use Cool Brown to give me some definition on my cheeks, while I mix Pale Beige (which is almost my skin tone) and Neutral Cool Brown for barely-there nose contour.


I only compared it to my Look by Bipa Delicate Compact Bronzer in 030 sunny beach which is cool toned grey based bronzer. It's much more bronzer like and darker than Modern. 


It blends like a dream and it never looks patchy. Because it's so light in color compared to my skin tone you almost can't notice it on the photos. The camera doesn't pick it up. It's the only thing I used on top of my foundation to give my face some definition as well as on the eye contours. I would say it stays well on the skin. I can't overdo it, because of the pale shade so I can go over it several times. In general I'd say it's buildable, so perfect for beginners at contouring. 

If you are fair, this is THE contour palette for you. If you are light or have the same complexion as me, you will get most use of the third darkest shade, while the other two will be very subtle. Formula is super smooth, easy to blend and stays put on the skin. I love the three colors, because it gives you so much more option to use on every part of the face and you can mix the shades depending on how tan you may get through the summer. 

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