February 2024 Favorites

Subrina Professional Scalp Detox Shampoo

Subrina is Slovenian hair brand and they've made quite a revamp with their line up. They have Professional line which includes shampoos, masks, conditioner and probably more. I was in Ilirija drugstore for the first time and saw Subrina Professional product and got this Scalp Detox Shampoo which is quite popular among Slovenian skin care influencers. It's meant for sensitive scalp to clean it gently and soothe it. It's transparent gel texture which leathers well. I always shampoo twice, because I have very oily roots. It has quite sweet strong scent, but it sort of reminds me of hair salons, not sweet like sweets. It cleans my hair well which is great for my oiliness. There's not much more to it. It's not one of those noruishing shampoos. I think the whole world is doing hair treatments these days. Hair care is going to be big this year and it's a trend I can get behind. Because I love trying new products and I want to keep my hair as healthy as I can, because I don't have the best genes when it comes to hair. 

L.A. Girl Pro Color Foundation Mixing Pigment - Blue

I got this one as well as white for my professional kit, but I use this blue on myself as well. I have an olive undertone, but I am in general light skin tone. It's very rare to find olive toned light foundations. Olive tones are usually in the medium range, though I know of many that are light and have olive undertone as me. Anyway, if you don't understand the basic color theory - if you mix yellow with blue you get green. This blue pigment you can mix with your yellow toned foundation to adjust it to a more olive undertone. I can finally wear a lot of foundations now and they still match my hands and neck. Fair warning, use very little of this, if you get it, because too green can make you look well...sick. Use just a bit to adjust the tone a little. 

L'Oreal Infaillible 32H Fresh Wear - 100 Linen

I am surprised how much I like this foundation, because I've stayed away from L'Oreal foundations for so long. I get a nice medium coverage with natural matte finish that actually lasts well on the skin. The undertone is warm yellow and now I mix with with blue pigment and get the perfect olive tone. It's one of those drugstore gems that I can definitely recommend to those of you with combination skin. 

Catrice LE Magic Christmas Story Cheeklighter - C01 Mother Ginger

This was limited edition, but I think Essence added similar highlighters in their range now. Charlotte Tilbury has her Magic Wands and e.l.f. too. It's a creamy highlighter with sponge applicator that you dot on the face and blend. It takes no time to apply and blend, that is why I like it. Plus it has such a nice champagne sheen that isn't too metallic, it looks fairly natural, but still gives you that sheen. 

Catrice Melted Sun Cream Bronzer - 020 Beach Babe

I have a few cream bronzers now, but this one is my current favorite, because it's nicely pigmented, blends like a dream, gives me some of that tan color and almost turns powdery on the skin. I use it on its own and under powder bronzer to make it more long lasting. This is a really nice drugstore formula worth a try, if the shade suits you. 

NYX Slim Lip Pencil - Nude Truffle

NYX Slim Lip Pencils are my all time favorite lip pencils. Just a regular pencil formula that is easy to apply, but not too creamy so it stays on well and doesn't fade out. Nude Beige is my favorite nude color, because it's grey toned light brown perfect for contour. I got Nude Truffle as well, but it's darker brown and more warm. However this one pairs well with my brown lipsticks and give me more of that 90s brown lip. This would be a better nude for medium skin tone. 

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