January 2024 Favorites


Skintra Everything What Your Skin Will Love

This is a prebiotic caring toner. It's very popular from the brand and I can see why. It has galactomyces ferment, prebiotics, niacinamide and azeloglycine (azaleic acid and glycine). They say it's a toner, I would call it a serum. It's slightly viscose white serum like texture that leaves a bit of that nourishing layer on the skin. In the warmer months I could use this just as a moisturizer on my combination skin. Now I layer it. This has pretty much everything your skin could need - what an appropriate name. Prebiotics for good skin barrier and health, azaleic acid for brightening and anti-inflammation, squalane for moisturizing, allantoin for soothing, niacinamide for reducing inflammation and sebum production and so much more. I have been using it for a while now and my skin loves it. It's hydrating and moisturizing, soothing on my skin and my skin just looks in great shape. I love the nourishing texture and that it doesn't feel heavy, even though it leaves that protecting layer on the skin. It wears good under makeup. I had to adjust to the natural scent, because it's almost prebiotic like. However once you get used to it, it doesn't bother you anymore. I prefer it over artificial scent. 

Essence Lip Care Booster Lip Butter

I'm not sure, if this was already discontinued or not, but this is a nice lip butter. I am planning on using it up and it's nice to apply during the day, especially if I go out for a walk and it's windy or cold. It's that kind of formula that's thicker than usual lip balm and stays on the lips better. It has sort of a coconut scent which I like and it protects the lips well.

Essence The Blush - 90 Bedazzling and 40 Beloved

I have been loving blushes lately and trying some new ones. I already had Bedazzling, a muted brownish peach shade which goes with pretty much any look, but I love to pair it with very natural looks or when I have bold eyes and don't want something too colorful on the cheeks. I recently bought Beloved which is another interesting shade. It's warm pink, but almost leans a bit coral. A lot more vibrant than Bedazzling, but looks so good with anything peachy and brick on the eyes. These are very pigmented and last really well. Probably one of the better drugstore blushes I have had and so affordable.

Essence Pure Nude Baked Blush - 02 Pink Flush

I don't understand why we don't have these blushes in our drugstore?! They are pretty popular everywhere else. I got these on Flaconi shop, but I've since seen them on Notino as well. I was choosing the shade only based on online swatches and I wanted a more softer pink so I got Pink Flush. It's fair to light pink shade with sort of neutral undertone and it has that proper cooler sheen to it, but it also has small glittery gold sparks in there. I don't like chunky shimmer particles particularly, but I forgive it because of a gorgeous sheen. I always skip highlighter when I have this one. This is my blush for those sunless boring days, when you need that flush of pink and some sheen to brighten up your day. It can look a bit much on a sunny day and when my skin gets oilier. I think there are differences among the shades and I would love to get some more shades to see, if all have these shimmery particles in them or not. 

Catrice Space Glam Chrome Eyeshadow - 030 Galaxy Lights

These remind me a lot of the Essence Melted Chrome eyeshadows that they had a few years ago and I loved those eyeshadows. But these are duo chrome. They have the same buttery creamy formula that is very pigmented. I believe they only have three shades and Galaxy Lights stood out to me the most. It's got a bit of a grey base, but shift green or gold depending on the angle. Lasts really well with eye primer on my oily lids and I just hope they come out with more shades. I will say there is only 1 gram of product in it, Essence Melted Chromes had 2 grams. So I guess that it the trend now with inflation - cut the size of the product and keep the price the same or even make it more expensive. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lip Liner - 760 90s Nude

A very cream formula that just glides on the lips. I personally prefer something drier for a lip liner, because it usually stays on better. But this formula is creamy and comfortable and very easy to blend out. You could use it all over the lips as lipstick in my opinion. 90s Nude is medium warm brown with some peachy pink tones to it. I would think it was going to be more brown and cooler, but it's not. Still a pretty shade.

Catrice Melting Kiss Gloss Stick - 050 Soulmate

I am not sure, if this is still available either. I got it on Notino, because I remember loving this formula when trying it in the store when it came out, but I actually never got it. Soulmate is warm brick brown shade. It's that kind of glossy lip butter kind of formula that glides on the lips, feels super comfortable and gives a wash of color. It's not opaque by any means. You can wear it on it's own for a very neutral flush of color and some sheen or I like to apply it over lip liners like the one by Rimmel. It can be a bit sticky over lipsticks, but I just love these kind of comforting lip formulas that you can apply everywhere without even needing the mirror. I am seeing more such formulas coming out this year. 

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