Review: L'Oreal Panorama Volume Million Lashes

I rarely buy new mascara, because I usually stick to the ones I know and like. Every now and then I get the urge to try something new and I tried L'Oreal Panorama Volume Million Lashes. 


It comes in a gold chunky packaging with 3D Panorama design on it. The wand is silicon, shaped like a cone. In general the bristles are short, but they do go from short to a bit longer. 

In it is 9.9 ml of product and it costs around 15€. L'Oreal prices were always up there, but in these times I almost wouldn't call this a drugstore price anymore. I got it cheaper with some coupon. 


It's a wet formula and apparently it stays that way or so I have been told by those that have it for longer. They say it's a washable mascara, which means it's water based and hence why wet. 


They have three shades Black, Blackest Black and Black Brown, but I think here in Slovenia we only have a regular Black which I got. 


They claim to give you volume and fanned out lashes that stay soft and clump free. I would definitely say it's volumizing, because it gives instant volume with just one coat. The second coat can be a bit tricky. I find that my lashes can quickly look clumpy and can be a bit too thick for my liking. I prefer more definition than volume, but this one is definitely all about the volume and thick lashes

It's also safe for sensitive eyes and contact lenses wearers

I did try to remove it with warm water and it works, but you do have to rub at it for a time. I just prefer to use my regular micellar water to remove it.

I will say once you apply it and it's on, it doesn't smudge or transfer on the upper lid, so it is in a sense long lasting

I like that you can apply just one coat and get instant volume. For my personal taste it can look too clumpy with two coats and I am not the biggest fan of very wet formulas. I can see this being liked by those that want thick and very visible lashes. I personally wouldn't repurchase it, but I will still use it up.

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