Review: E.l.f. Makeup Lock & Seal

Hey Beauties!

This has been sitting in my drawer for almost a year. I don't even have a good explanation for it. I tried it once, it was the wrong application and I hated it. Now I tried it another way and I love it.

It's E.l.f. Makeup Lock & Seal. This is one of those sealing liquids that should seal in your makeup. I heard about this and how good it is, but wasn't really convinced, until I finally googled how to use it and tried it. 

In the set you get the liquid, small standard eyeshadow brush and one clear pot. It costs 3$ and you get 15 ml of it. 

The liquid is in a plastic black packaging. It's small and compact. 

The brush is also black with synthetic black bristles. For my taste this is too hard to use on the lids. I usually just use my usual eyeshadow brushes with it. 

The clear pot is very small, but big enough to fit in eyeshadow brushes. 

The texture is very liquid, almost like water. The opening is perfect to get out one small drop. One drop is all you need for one eyeshadow application. 

I put one drop in the pot and use my eyeshadow brush and swirl it in the pot. I try to coat the brush as even as possible. The brush will be a bit wet. Then I just swirl it a bit on the tissue, to get off any excess. When the brush is lightly damp I pick up eyeshadow and apply it as normally.

If the brush is too wet it might leave some residue on the eyeshadow itself. It may also be a bit harder to blend the eyeshadow, because it's a lot more intense looking and it can get patchy quickly.

That being said, if you blend it properly and pack it on, this will stay for a whole day and not move at all.

As you can see I did my usual eyeshadow. I put some matte shadow in the crease, some shimmery shade all over the lid and some in the inner corner. I also applied the sealer on the liner brush. 

You can basically use it with everything. With lipsticks, blushes, eyeshadows, eyeliners... But I really wanted this to work for eyeshadow. I assume this would be amazing for glitter on the eyes or pigments. 

The eyeshadow stayed perfect for the whole day. Of course I had to try it in one of those extremely hot summer days. I swear, my eye makeup was melting this month. It was so hot outside and I was sweaty and the makeup was sliding of my face. But with this, nothing. It stayed exactly how I applied it. I am seriously impressed. 

I also used it on my eyebrows with my eyebrow powder and it was just as perfect. 

I speared you from showing my entire face, because trust me, you do not wanna see how my foundation looks after 12 hours. 

If you use small amount and really build up the intensity, this is magic. It will seal in your makeup and it will stay perfect for the entire day. It's so cheap and so effective. Elf did it again. I love this brand and can't wait to buy more of their products. 


  1. Zveni super :) Ti mene z svojimi posti o Elfu vedno spraviš do tega da večam in večam svoj Wishlist :D

    1. Hehe :D Meni je Elf res dobra znamka. Nekateri izdelki so odlični za tako nizko ceno. Ti e bo žal. Samo naj končno postavijo novo stran, bomo spet nakupovale :).