Hey Beauties!

I'm Petra, a beauty blogger from Slovenia (Europe). My profession is media communications, but my first love was always makeup. That is why, in my college years, I decided to start my beauty blog. I've always loved how makeup can change the whole look of a person. It's a form of expressing and having fun with it. In 2018 I finally decided to take my love of makeup to another level and I became certified makeup artist. Makeup looks and product reviews are my true passion and that is what you'll see on this blog the most. I also do some nail art and occasional DIYs.

Quick facts about me

My favorite color is peach and gold.
If I would be a scent, I would be coconut.
I love everything with leopard print on it.
Highlighter is probably my biggest makeup obsession.
I love a good orange red lip.

If you'll be browsing through my creative space, you'll probably want to know more about my skin and other preferences. This will make it easier for you to relate to my reviews.

How Others See Me

I am most known for my lipstick swatches. Lipstick is in fact one of my favorite makeup items. I also love a good highlight. I love wearable makeup looks, but I also love experimenting with crazier colors. My standard makeup would be warm toned eyes paired with warm bold lip, like orange red.

Skin Type

Most of the time my skin is normal to combination. My T zone gets oilier, especially in summer. In the winter my skin is drier on my less oily parts as well as dehydrated, so I love a good hydrating and nourishing product.

Skin Tone

I classify my skin tone as warm light. I'm not super pale, but I get very light in the winter and then NC15 colors suit me. In the summer I can get fairly tanned and my yellow warm undertone turns olive. Finding yellow or olive light foundation shades is mission impossible, so I often times resort to more grey based neutral light shades that adjust to my skin tones, like Asian BB creams.

Skin Concerns

I love to hydrate with any kind of product. In the winter I use much more nourishing creams. I have occasional spots and have been dealing with sensitive and irritated skin my whole life. I've had skin allergies since I was four, but now my skin is almost back to normal, although I still tend to prefer products geared towards sensitive skin. I am also getting more into the anti-age skin care.


I have very dark chocolate brown eyes with a hint of warmth in them. On my lids I prefer using warm toned eyeshadows in the color family of gold, copper, orange and brown. But I love experimenting with any colors for a bolder look.


My natural lip color is very pale. I love almost every lip color, but my favorite colors are nude, peach, brown, orange and red. My lips are dry 90% of the time, so I can tell, if a lipstick is drying or not.

Hair Type

Because I regularly color my hair, it is a bit drier. I also have some damage on my ends. My roots get oily very quickly, but my ends tend to be dry. My hair is very thin. I opt for hydrating, nourishing and volumizing hair products. In the summer I sometimes have dandruff issues, so I need to address that too.

Hair Color

My natural hair color is what I describe mouse grey and I hate it, so I have been coloring my hair for a long time. I usually go for golden brown colors or something more copper toned. I've had almost every version of brown hair. I've never been blond or black. I've been copper, orange and red, but never pink or any other crazier color.

I hope you like my happy creative place and that you'll find something interesting for you.

For any questions or opinions you can contact me at adjusting.beauty[at]gmail.com.

Petra :)

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