March 2024 Favorites


Skinlick Kindwash Cica Facial Cleanser

I have been testing a lot of new skincare recently and I can gladly report I pretty much like all of it. Some of them are in my this months favorites. Skinlick is like a younger sister brand of Skintegra. I believe it's intended for younger skin, teenagers. It offers gentle and more basic formulations, but I think this is that kind of product that anyone can use. It's fragrance free, contains my favorite centella asiatica extract and some oat protein. It's gentle milky gel that is perfect for my morning cleanse or second evening cleanse. This is one of those products that I could easily recommend to everyone.

Skintegra Atomic

This is one of their very famous products and I have been wanting to try it for a while now, just never got around to actually getting it. It's basically cleansing oil, perfect for a first cleanse and for removing makeup as well as SPF filters. It's fairly lightweight and turns into milk once you put water on it. It's gentle and recommended even for sensitive skin. I love it for removing makeup. However, I don't like to use it on my eyes, because if it gets in them it can sting. But I always take my eye makeup off with micellar water so that doesn't bother me that much. 

Skintega Lunar Serum Concentrate 

It's peptide and hyaluronic acid serum that is great for moisturizing and anti-aging. Peptides have been quite popular in skincare as the second anti-aging alternative to retinol, because they are gentler. I have just started to introduce them to my routines. This is a very lightweight serum that almost feels like nothing on the skin. It moisturizes, but in a lightweight way, so I would say it's perfect for any skin type, even oily. It also contains panthenol, probiotics, centella asiatica and glycerin, so all great ingredients for supporting your skin barrier and protecting it. I  will say this is a small bottle which I almost used up. I would love a bigger size. 

Hada Labo Tokyo Lift No-Wrinkles Lotion Super 3D Hydration

Hada Labo is Japanese skincare brand that has recently became available in our DM. I have heard only amazing things about it and I decided to purchase their hydrating cleanser which I almost used up. I loved it, so I knew I will probably like other products as well. This is a lightweight creamy lotion that gives your skin that immediate relief once you apply it on. It's lightweight, but gives you that smooth layer to the skin that feels hydrating and nourishing at the same time. It's a hydrating lotion/serum with four types of hyaluronic acid, glycerin and squalane. 

Hada Labo Tokyo Absolute Smoothing & Moisturizing Cream Day & Night

This is day and night cream with three types of hyaluronic acids, glycerin and squalane. Hada Labo really prides itself on hyaluronic as the main ingredient. It's moisturizing cream that has almost like a gel type of texture. It's lightweight, yet again because of that squalane it leaves nice moisturizing and nourishing layer on the skin that makes your skin super smooth and plump. I love the fact that their products are unscented. I can use both of these products even over my patch of atopic dermatitis on my neck and it doesn't irritate me like other products can. 

I don't think I give this foundation enough praise. It's currently my absolute favorite foundation. I use it for special occasions only, because it's expensive. It's that perfect matte finish that still has a very faint luminous sheen, just so that it looks natural. Coverage is really nice and it's one of the most long lasting formulas I have tried. But the shade LW8, where do I start?! It's one of the most perfect olive undertones that I have tried so far. It matches my natural skin tone on the body and hands just perfectly. It's also one of the rare foundations that I don't get oily within 2 hours after applying it. It looks impeccable. I just wish there was more product in it for that price. 

I found one still in the old packaging and started using it again. I forgot how nice this formula is. I always say this is my favorite drugstore concealer that I can get in Slovenia and it still is. A fairly lightweight formula with good coverage, moisturizing so it doesn't look too matte nor obvious. It just sits well especially under the eyes. Plus it's affordable. Shade 010 is a bit light for me right now, but I can still make it work. 

Paese Warm Crush Eyeshadow Palette

I would have never thought looking at it how much use I would get from this palette. Whenever I am in a rush I just grab it, apply one of the matte browns all over and apply shimmery duo chrome or shimmery champagne in the center of the lid. I use matte dark brown as eyeliner, apply some mascara and I have a full look. The formula of these is lovely. Mattes blend well and shimmers are best applied with finger. Plus it's a color palette that just works for me. Lots of neutrals as well as shimmery pops of color to make it more interesting. 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush - Mood Exposure

Ambient Blush is another one of those blushes that I grab when I am in a rush. It looks much more mauve in the packaging, but turns more peach like on my cheeks. It's got that smooth baked formula that is easy to apply yet it doesn't deposit too much color at once, so you never go overboard. It has small shimmery particles which make you skip highlighter altogether. It's just easy to apply and lasts all day. 

Lamel BB Contour in 401 Taupe and BB Blush in 401 Tea Rose

I was browsing Poland online store, where I get some of the individual eyelashes for my makeup kit and I stumbled upon a brand Lamel. I believe it's Ukrainian brand. It offers cruelty-free makeup products at affordable prices. I went on a little search dive on Tiktok for their products and they seemed really nice. So I ordered some and later realized we have Lamel on our Notino as well, so I ordered some more. These two quickly became my favorite. It's creamy formula in a tube that is very pigmented. You need the tinniest dot for your whole face. If you thought Rare Beauty liquid blushed were pigmented, think again. These two tubes would last me years. 

Contour is probably the best shade I have seen in a while. It's a proper grey toned contour. You need to use it strategically or it can look muddy on certain skin tones. I would say it works great on fair as well as light skin tone and could make it work on medium as well. You need to be very skilled at blending it, because it's so pigmented. 

Blush is that perfect coral peach shade that will work across many skin tones as well, it's all about sheering it down or apply it heavier for darker skin tones. Formulas blend really nice and they give you a bit of that moisturizing sheen - no shimmer though. It's not a matte formula, so it looks very natural on the skin. I am really enjoying these two. Such a great find. 

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