October 2021 Favorites

There isn't a lot of products in this month's favorites. I have been trying out some new products, but mostly just using up my old favorites when it comes to skin care. 

Caudalie Vinopure Purifying Gel Cleanser

I recently received Caudalie Vinopure collection and I've been testing a few of the products out already, but then I had a huge breakout and resorted back to my usual routine to heal them up. I will start testing these products back, but so far I really like this gel cleanser. The range is geared towards those with combination and acne prone skin as most of the products contain salicylic acid. There is also famous grape water and lots of essential oils which I was never a fan of, but I have to say I love the aromatherapy experience of them in this product. I'm not a fan of using 5 scented skin care products on my face at once, but just using one can sometimes have that spa experience. It's clear gel that lathers well with water and almost gives the skin a bit of cooling sensation. Scent is herbal, sort of spa like and I love it for those days when I want a pick me up. 

SVR [B3] Ampoule Hydra

This is mini travel version that I received as a gift with purchase and I have to say this mini version is just lovely. You get enough product to properly try it out, plus it's great to travel with. Hyaluronic acid is one of those ingredients that I didn't have much luck with. Previous The Ordinary version made me break out and I have since stayed away from, but this version is actually better. It didn't break me out, plus it doesn't pile off of my face, so I can use it during day time as well. It has no scent, just three different types of hyaluronic acids and only 12 ingredients, among which is also niacinamide, so it makes it great for those with sensitive skin. It has that viscose texture that remind me a bit of COSRX snail mucin. It spreads well and absorbs, but still leaves that moisturizing layer on the skin. It definitely hydrates it well and I love how lightweight it is.

COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

It's my go to product for when I am dealing with lots of breakouts that just won't go away and I need something to heal my skin faster and calm it down. It works every time. This is transparent, viscose, almost a bit slimy texture that sticks to the skin well and absorbs fast. It has great healing capabilities and no scent. This is now staple in my routine and I usually tend to save it a lot, because it's not the cheapest. However once of these bottles lasts me a long time.

Catrice Ultimate Camouflage Cream 010 N Ivory

I am not sure, if this was reformulated or just repackaged, but I had it in old version as well and I like this one just as much. It's a thicker creamy concealer similar to MAC Studio Finish Concealer, that you have to warm up with your fingers, before applying it. I actually wore it under my eyes without any problems of creasing or looking dry, but I have combination skin. This is actually more suited for any problem areas that need high coverage like blemishes or red patches. Because it's thicker, it can look a bit obvious and you need to warm it up on larger areas or it can be harder to blend. I really like this, because it's cheap, has great coverage and lasts well on the skin.

Essence Soft & Precise Lip Pencil 203 My Advice

Essence often times repackages their products or adds them to a new line and I feel like this is one of their regular lip pencil formulas that they always have in their range. I love their lip pencils, because they are so affordable, have that classic slightly drier formula and usually last well under lipsticks. They also have nice basic nude colors to choose from. My Advice is light warm peachy brown nude that I love. It's definitely my kind of nude that goes with most of my nude lipsticks. Formula makes it easy to apply precisely and I sometimes love wearing these on its own with just a lip balm on top.

Essence Hydrating Nude Lipstick 302 Heavenly

This is probably one of my new favorite drugstore formulas for dry lips. It's like smooth lip balm that has good color payoff to it with shiny finish. It's a bit sheerer than a proper lipstick, but oh my god does it feel good on the lips. Like a proper lip balm. It's not heavy nor sticky, just comfortable. Shade Heavenly is that light warm brown nude that will go perfectly with My Advice lip pencil, but it's slightly lighter than pencil and a bit more neutral toned. I've been carrying this with me and applying it on the go for a quick color. It's just such a comfortable formula.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair 7 Sec Express Repair Treatment Colour Perfector

As my expensive hair treatment are running out, I am using more of my drugstore ones and this one is lovely. It's one of those miracles waters, but this one actually feels more like hair mask. It goes on the hair like water, but once you massage it into the skin it turns like a rich cream that leaves my hair nourished and soft, when I wash it off. I love how convenient it is, because I don't have to leave it on my hair for longer than 7 seconds and it feels about the same as if I would apply a mask and leave it on for half an hour. Efficient and quick, what more could I want from it. Plus it has a nice scent. 

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