July 2016 Favorites

Hey Beauties!

July has been a hot month and I've been embracing the glowing makeup look and trying to make my body feel nourished and my hair look less dry. It's been a true summer month and I think August is going to be pretty much the same.

Avon Senses Joyful Tropics Papaya & Peach Shower Gel

In summer time I love to resort to summery smells with all my products. Shower gels are the easiest way to add some tropical scent to your bathroom. I love this one, as you can see, because I've almost used it up. The smell is very sweet, fruity and tropical. I wouldn't say it smells like peach and I don't know how papaya smells, but it's definitely fruity. It's yellow cream that doesn't dry out my skin. My skin is also a lot less sensitive in summer and I haven't gotten any red patches after showering with this one.

Garnier Olia Conditioner

Well this is a random product in my favorites. As you may notice, I color my hair and I always use Garnier Olia hair colors. With the box also comes this conditioner. Since I use more hair colors at once, I have a lot of these conditioners laying around my bathroom. It's probably the best drugstore conditioner that you can get. I think these are sold separately too, but in a tube version. If you have a chance definitely try one. It makes my hair really soft, nourished and healthy looking. It's thicker consistency cream and it has a very hair salon scent to it. The only thing I don't get is why don't they just make this kind of conditioner in their regular range?! Those conditioners that come with hair colors are always so much better, because frankly, they need to make your hair look extra good after you attack them with chemical of hair color.

My favorite face sunscreen and one that I always go back to. It has light liquid creamy consistency that doesn't leave white trace all over your face. It soaks in pretty quickly and leaves behind slightly luminous finish. It doesn't have any perfume, but I can definitely smell some heavy alcohol in the beginning. It doesn't irritate my skin and it never breaks me out. That's why I keep coming back to it.

I was not a fan of this foundation. It seemed really matte at first. In these really hot summer days I needed something more mattifying and I came back to it. It's true that it covers well and I like that the pores look a bit more diminished, especially in this heat. However, I still hate L'Oreal foundation shades. This one is too dark for me (still) and I hate it's orange undertone. I mix it with Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation to make it a bit more yellow and lighter. Sometimes I might even add some of Missha Perfect Cover B.B. Cream. I like it in combination with other foundations and the thing that I like the most is matte finish and slightly blurred skin effect.

I use this with pretty much everything. Lately especially with my foundation. If I said before that I mix together three foundations, I also add this in for a bit more luminous look. Just a small drop can make the skin look a bit more natural and not as dead matte. I think this is one of the best Catrice products and as such should absolutely be in their regular range. Why not even add it to some of foundation formulations? Just a suggestion.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or Multi-Purpose Dry Oil

I got this as a gift from Sandra and I immediately fell in love with it. It's not necessary product, but once you have it, you just find the time to use it. I like that it has gorgeous bronzed golden shimmer in it and it seems like it's a bit tinted, which means it also adds just a small tint of color. I love to apply this on my arms and legs, if I wear a dress. It also smells so good, nutty and a bit oriental. I might even start putting it in my hair. 

H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blusher Apricot

Gorgeous satin finish and beautiful apricot shade that almost has a bit of pink in it. It looks great with pretty much all my makeup looks and I've been wearing it a lot this month. I just adore H&M blushes. Since getting this one, I also got another one Rosy Brown. I love that they have wide range of really light shades and that they are not your typical bright corals and pinks.

Golden Rose Silky Touch Pearl Eyeshadow 121

Golden Rose impressed me with affordable precise. I already bought their nail polishes and really liked wide range of shades. Now I wanted to try some of their eyeshadows. The range is not as huge, but they have some nice shades. This one 121 is one of the best bronzed brown shades with warm golden sheen to it. It's not just the shade, it has great pigmentation and very silky formula. I am really impressed. Shame I didn't get more shades. 

Clio Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner

Another amazing Asian brand brush liner. It has good black color, dries fairy fast and doesn't move through the day. I love the precision of a brush applicator, because you can really make a sharp line. It's just really nice and I have nothing bad to say about it.

Who would have thought that I would have not one, but three blue nail polishes featured in my favorites. I always say I'm not a fan of blue, but it seems I just haven't used the right blues before.

Avon Magic Effects Neon Electric Blue Nail Polish

Amazing vibrant true electric blue shade that looks bright and perfect for summer. It has lots of small blue shimmer that makes it extra sparkly. 

Avon Nailwear Pro+ Nail Polish Minty

This one is a perfect mix of pastel blue and pastel green, which means I would call it perfect mint shade. It looks really pretty on the nails and is definitely a crowd pleaser.

Kiko Nail Lacquer 530 Pearly Blue Peacock

When I saw it in the store, I was mesmerized. It look so pretty in the bottle and it actually translates the same on nails. This is seriously a true peacock shade. It looks dark blue and has lots of shimmer which gives it greenish gold sheen. It reflects light beautifully and looks really unique. 

These are the only matte liquid lipsticks that I can wear without the fear of getting super dry lips the next day. It's almost mousse like consistency and the shade is my perfect peachy nude. It's actually the lightest liquid lipstick that I own and goes with pretty much every standard warm look. 

I've been testing these this month and those three shades became my most used. Iced Mocha is my all time favorite shade of this collection. It's perfect mauve brown shade that looks good on pretty much everybody. Nude Shine is my kind of brown lip gloss with silver shimmer. It looks really juicy and a bit more natural. Rose is perfect muted pink that goes with so many different makeup looks. I adore this shade almost as much as Iced Mocha, but Iced Mocha is a bit more versatile. 


  1. Clio eyeliner bo tudi pri meni v favoritih :) Meni je pa finish L'Orealovega pudra super, ampak mi je odtenek preveč roza (imam Porcelain). Zdaj že nekaj dni testiram Bourjois Air Mat puder in mi je podton bolj všeč, finish je pa bolj satenasto mat in bi ti bil verjetno všeč (najsvetlejši odtenek je pri meni zdaj poleti ok, drugače je pretemen).
    Kiko Pearly Blue Peacock lak mi je zelo všeč :)

    1. Meni je Clio res všeč. Samo upam, da bom dolgo zdržal. :) Ja saj odtenki so preveč ali roza ali oranžni. Mogoče bi bil Bourjois potem res bolj zame. Ampak se mi zdi, da sem ga preizkusila v trgovini enkrat in je zelo oksidiral, pa ga nisem upala vzet. Kiko lak je pa gorgeous. Pa še zelo dolgo mi je zdržal na nohtih, verjetno zaradi bleščic :D.

  2. Odlični favoriti :) Avonov tuš gel mi zveni zanimiv, ker imam rada oboje breskve in papajo oz. vse te sladke tropske vonje :) Olia balzam je tudi takoj pritegnil in sem ga šla takoj googlat, ter ga našla na Boots. Je tudi pri nas? Sem zadnjič stala pred barvami v Müllerju, pa ne vem če sem ga videla.

    Catrice highlighter mi je celo uspelo preizkusit v trgovini in mi ima identičen efekt kot Freedom Makeup Strobe Cream, edino kar je odtenek drugačen :) Zato potem nisem kupila.

    Golden Rose eyeliner tudi zveni zanimivo, ga morda še sprobam :)

    1. Gel je res tak tropski in precej sladki. Jaz imam rada take za poletje to get me into summer mood :D. Ja balzam sem pri nas videla enkrat v Müllerju. Pa mislim, da je bil kar med balzami. Je pa v tubici kot zobna pasta. Verjetno ga še imajo :).
      O zanimivo. Meni je sam odtenek tudi zelo všeč, itak ker je pač zlat :D.
      Misliš Clio eyeliner...meni je zaenkrat res zelo všeč. Sicer pa so mi vsi ti brush linereji odlični, samo morajo biti dobro pigmentirani in dovolj tekoči za nanos.

    2. Ne vem če sem ga pri nas videla pri balzamih, pa ves čas tam visim. Mogoče je pri nas kje drugje, ga bom že poiskala. Hvala :)

      Ja, Clio :D Oh, sem butara. Pa še podvojim okna, da imam besedilo v enem in obrazec za komentarje na drugem ko pišem, pa sem vseeno slepa :)

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