Colorful eyeliners

Hey Beauties!

Today I have to show you some of my new obsession-colorful eyeliners. No, I'm not talking about pink and yellow eyeliners, because I'm not Nicki Minaj. Baby steps...:) I always wore just black eyeliner, because I thought it looked best on my very dark eyes. But, since I saw blue eyeliners were very popular for this spring I wanted to try some different color on my eyes. Here are one of my favorite non-black eyeliners.

Dark brown

This is Essence longlasting eye pencil in 02 Hot Chocolate. It's mat dark brown color, which is a nice change from black one. I also think it is the color of my eye color:).

Blue sea

This is Essence longlasting eye pencil in 17 Tu-Tu-Touquoise. It's shimmery blue and it reminds me of the sea. It has silver shimmer in it. This is also the IT color for this spring season.


This is Essence longlasting eye pencil in 07 Easy Going. It's blue green or turquoise color. It has a metallic finish not shimmery. I like it because you can't tell whether it's blue or green, something in the middle.

Purple brown

This is Avon Supershock gel eyeliner in Blackberry. This color is very interesting. It is a dark brown, but it has a purple shine to it and shimmer in it, which is sort of a cranberry color. It is such an interesting combination, because I love purple on my eyes and this eyeliner is a great mixture of brown an purple shades.

I have to say that all of these eyeliners have a very very good pigmentation and they are all very long lasting. They dry quickly, so if you want to work with them, you have to work fast, because once they're dried, they will not move.

I know I am gonna be rocking these shades and trying to get out of those boring black eyeliners.

What kind of eyeliner color do you always wear? And what kind of colorful eyeliner you wish you could wear?


  1. Jaz ponavadi nosim črn liner, edino poleti rada kaj eksperimentiram z barvnimi. Takrat posežem po kakem mint ali turiznem. :)
    Tale Essencov turkizen zelo paše tvojim očem. :)

    1. Hvala:) Jaz isto. Bom zdaj kaj eksperimentirala:)