This is my personal blog and so are my opinions, which change as with any normal person. I usually buy all the products myself and if I get them from someone, it's clearly written in each post. My opinions are based on my preferences and my experiences with the product. Please know that certain products can do different thing for different people. I spend a lot of time editing photos and writing posts, so I'm asking you to appreciate copyrights of my work. If you decide to use my content please contact me before, so I can give you permission to do so. All my other information is visible on my blog, so you can contact me if you have any questions or doubts.

Posts that contain PR product will have * in the bottom with sentence PR product or product was sent to me. If it says product was sent to me, it's just that. There were no obligations for me to even post about it. If it says PR product it means that the company sent me product for review purposes.

Sponsored posts will also have * in the bottom of the post with sponsored written next to it. It means that the company of which products I am mentioning in the post, payed me to write about them. However, my opinions are still mine and can't be bought. It just means that I got payed to write this post. I will only do sponsored posts with the brands that I know, trust and in general like their products. 

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