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Zmagovalec Beyu nagradne igre

Hvala vsem za sodelovanje v zelo vijoli─Źni Beyu nagradni igri, ki je potekala tukaj.

Review: Kiko 3D Hydra Lipgloss - 18 Golden Sparkle

While I love a good matte lip, I am also always searching for a good shimmery shiny lip and I thought I found a great choice in this Kiko 3D Hydra Lipgloss in the shade 18 Golden Sparkle. I already have this formula in another shade, so this is more just a presentation of a new color.

Review: Essence Hololighter Brush

Essence Hololighter Brush is one of my favorite brushes in my current makeup collection, so it was about time I did a review of it. It's in Essence standard makeup range, but if you know Essence, they can quickly decide to discontinue products, so get it while you can.

Review: Beyu Purple Makeup Picks

You probably know that Ultra Violet is the color of the year 2018 according to Pantone. I am a huge fan of purple in makeup. Purple eyeshadows and eyeliners are one of those colors that go really well with my dark brown eyes. It adds a pop of color in a good way. I also like purple lipsticks, but more for the fall. Beyu has decided to sent me an array of their picks for purple makeup. I have tested it all out and here are my thoughts.

Review: Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Matte (Kissy Face, Mystique, Rock Star)

These are three new shades of Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Matte and they supposedly have a satin finish, but in my opinion it's the same matte finish with shimmer in it. Three new shades add to the color range with a bit more edgy, nude and bright look.