Catrice Ketch-me-up lipstick

Hey Beauties!

I got another red lipstick. I know, I know. But I don't have that many lip products, so I am forgiven :). This lipstick was on sale and I think it's going to be discontinued, but I am not sure, so don't take my word for it. I know Catrice is starting with a new range of products in fall, and some of the regulars are going to be discontinued. So if you like it, grab it now.

It's Catrice lipstick in shade 130 Ketch-me-up (it reminded me of ketchup ;) ) and it's from their Ultimate Shine range. The package is a nice silver color and it's pretty heavy, so I can't decide if it's made out of only plastic or also some heavier material. I like that it's heavier than some plastic packages. It's translucent in the bottom and their is also the color from the packaging, which is nice for storing.

The lipstick is red with an orange tone to it. It's definitely warm red. It will suit anyone with warm skin tone and darker skin tones.

The texture is very moisturizing and very shiny. That is why the lipstick is not heavy pigmented, but you can definitely build up the color. It does stain the lips.

one coat

more coats

not on direct sunlight

stains the lips
The price was 1.99 € and probably still is and for that you get 3.5 g, which I think is amazing.

I like the color. For me it's a nice change to a more orange, warm red. I don't like the fact that it is so sheer and moisturizing. The result of that combination can be: lipstick going over the lips and patchiness. Especially if the lips have any dry patches. I like to use it on top of long lasting red lipsticks. Because it gives me a warm tone to the base lipstick and it adds moisture and shine.

Do you own this lipstick and how do you like sheer lipsticks? 


  1. How did I miss this one?! Pa sem mislila, da poznam večino rdečih šmink v naših drogerijah. Prav taka rdeča, ki jih imam trenutno najraje :) Imam pa eno drugo barvo iz te linije, Kiss Kiss Hibiskus.

    1. Zanimivo:) Ce ti je lepa jo se poisci v kaksnem mullerju,ker je zdaj znizana;)

  2. Res ti ful paše. Jaz sem gledala te šminke, ki so znižane, pa se na koncu odločila, da bom preskočila, ker imam že veliko šmink.

    1. Hvala.jaz pa nekako nimam dovolj izbire šmink:)

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    1. Sorry i mistakenly deleted your comment.i am such a mess when i try to reply on my i feel really bar.thank you so much for everything you said and for the nomination.i really appreciate it ;)